COVID-19 delivery info

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COVID-19 delivery info

Due to COVID-19 health crisis and the latest government measures in France and Europe, many of you asked us, legitimately, what is the impact for delivery of your packages.

We are located in France and delivery is still currently possible despite the restrictions. The carriers and ourselves have adapted our working methods, but a few days of additional delays compared to normal are however to be expected locally. Also delivery times are no longer guaranteed by carriers during this period.

The services of La Poste, Colissimo, Lettre Suivi and Delivengo are very disrupted, with a delay of 7 to 15 days more than normal.

We do not recommend using the Colissimo, Delivengo or "Lettre Suivie" mode of transport currently being followed.

The "La Poste" tracking site is also disrupted and does not display all the time the latest up-to-date statuses, however this "La Poste" bug does not affect the tracking of packages.

We currently recommend using Chronopost, Fedex, UPS or DHL and who have set up contactless delivery, with acknowledgment of receipt.

Given the rapidly evolving situation in France, Europe and around the world, we will keep you informed here regularly of any changes.

Locally and occasionally delivery may be unavailable. This concerns in particular localities in COVID-19 cluster zones and in quarantine.

Material supply

We meet, on a case by case basis, delays in the delivery of certain brands, either because the manufacturers are themselves out of stock, for example on a missing electronic component to finish the product, or due to local restrictions or quarantined areas.

Delivery time

Deliveries are currently operating and special measures have been taken by our carriers and Passion Radio.

Occasionally and depending on the destination in France, overseas or in Europe, delays of a few additional days may be expected in the current period.

Only the services of La Poste, Colissimo and Lettre Suivie are very disrupted, with a delay of 10 to 15 days at this time, given that La Poste only works from Wednesday to Friday currently.

We currently recommend using Chronopost, Fedex, UPS or DHL and who have set up contactless delivery, with acknowledgment of receipt.

Participation in radio shows

We had to cancel our participation in the various radio fairs scheduled from March to May 2020 inclusive. You will find the updated calendar with cancellations on the Agenda Radio 2020 page.

Suspension of delivery services and Point Relais

As part of the announcement of the closure of shops, delivery networks in relay points are no longer available or very partially.

During this period we recommend the choice of an EXPRESS carrier such as Fedex, Chronopost or DHL.

For small objects, less than 3cm thick, we recommend sending by letter followed in France or export letter in Overseas, with delivery to letter box.

Colisismo recommends sending with delivery to mailboxes in order to limit contacts, moreover from March 30, 2020 and until further notice La Poste will no longer deliver parcels and mail only from Wednesday to Friday.

During this period, the carriers and Passion Radio are no longer able to guarantee deadlines and compensate in the event of late delivery.
The measures implemented by Passion Radio

To follow the COVID-19 directives of the government, in particular on social distancing, we have adapted our shipping service to limit contact with delivery people (delivery of parcels outside, remote scanning) and provision of gel. hydroalcoholic, masks and disinfectant wipes.

Is it dangerous to receive a letter or a package?

According to the WHO: No, it's safe. People who receive packages are not at risk of getting the new coronavirus. From previous analyzes, we know that coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

Find the COVID-19 recommendations on the official WHO website:

In case of doubt or fear about a package you receive, it is recommended to throw away all packaging (take a photo before in case of a complaint for a damaged package received), or leave the package for 3 days in a safe place, without touching it and wash hands after moving it. It is not recommended to clean packaging or equipment with alcohol.

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