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ICOM IC-7300 100W SDR HF + 50 Mhz & 70Mhz

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HF amateur radio base ICOM IC-7300 for HF bands from 1.8 to 30MHz, 6m from 50-52MHz, with 100 watts, integrated automatic antenna coupler, 4.3 "color LCD touch screen, keyboard, all analogue modes SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, IF output and voice recorder on SD card.

The IC7300 is the first direct conversion SDR amateur radio equipment with a direct sampling system, real-time spectrum analyzer, 15 RF bandpass filters, station controllable by USB socket (CAT control) and with output FI.

Comes with: 1 ICOM IC-7300. 1 HM-219 handheld microphone, 1 13.8V power cord, spare fuses, Jack connectors.

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Manual IC-7300 (FR)

Manual and user guide ICOM IC-7300 in french. 3.95M

Data sheet

RX receiver:
(0.500–29.999, 50.000–54.000MHz, 70.000–70.500MHz)

Tx transmitter:

The ICOM IC-7300 is rated 4.7/5 on the eHam.net material review site.

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  • ICOM 13.8V power cord for IC-7300 and IC-9700

    ICOM 13.8V power cord for IC-7300 and IC-9700 Supplied with: 1 OPC-1457R ICOM power cord

    117,39 € tax incl.

    97,83 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • ICOM RS-BA1 IP remote control software for IC-7300 and IC-705

    ICOM IP remote control software version 2 dual standby for IC-7300, IC-7200, IC-7610, IC-7410, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7851, IC-9100, IC-9700, IC-705, IC-7100. Delivered with: 1 ICOM RS-BA1 V2

    84,90 € tax incl.

    70,75 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • Automatic coupler A-H4 ICOM HF + 50MHz for IC-7300 IC-756 IC-9100 IC-7000 IC-710

    AH-4 ICOM automatic tuner, HF + 50MHz ,120W for IC-7300, IC-707, IC-718, IC-7200, IC-725, IC-7300, IC-7400, IC-7410, IC-7610, IC-756, IC-9100, IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-78. Compatible accessories: AH-2B,

    471,38 € tax incl.

    392,82 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • ICOM MB-123 5W carrying handle for IC-7300

    ICOM MB-123 carrying handle for IC-7300. Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-7410, IC-9100, IC-9700, IC-R8600

    21,55 € tax incl.

    17,96 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • ICOM MB-118 mounting bracket for IC-7300

    ICOM MB-118 vehicle mount for IC-7300. Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-7200, IC-9700, IC-R75.

    45,07 € tax incl.

    37,56 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • ICOM SM-50 8-pin table microphone for IC-7300

    ICOM SM-50 8-pin unidirectional table microphone for IC-7300 (requires 8-pin microphone plug adapter). Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-718, IC-7200, IC-725, IC-726, IC-728, IC-729, IC-730, IC-735,

    275,00 € tax incl.

    229,17 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • ICOM SM-30 8-pin table microphone for IC-7300

    ICOM SM-30 8-pin unidirectional table microphone for IC-7300 (requires 8-pin microphone plug adapter). Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-718, IC-7200, IC-730, IC-7400, IC-7410, IC-746, IC-751, IC-756,

    209,00 € tax incl.

    174,17 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • ICOM HM-219 8-pin speaker microphone for IC-7300

    ICOM HM-219 8 pin speaker microphone for IC-7300. Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-718, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-9100, IC-9700, IC-7100 (requires 8-pin microphone plug adapter)

    42,00 € tax incl.

    35,00 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • 8-pin table microphone ICOM SM-27 for IC-7300

    Table microphone with 8-pin metal connector ICOM SM-27 for IC-7300 Compatible ICOM devices: IC-7300, IC-7200, IC-718, IC-7410, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-9100, IC-78.

    160,00 € tax incl.

    133,33 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • 12V power cable for Yaesu FT710 FTdx10 FT991A & ICOM IC-7300 IC-7610

    Yaesu DC 12V power cable T9025225 compatible with Yaesu FT710, FTdx10, FT991a, FT450d/at, FT950, FT2000, FT891 and FTdx101d. This cable is also compatible with the Icom IC-7300, IC-7610 and IC-9100

    25,00 € tax incl.

    20,83 €tax excl.

    In stock


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