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  • 18,90 € In stock

    Reference: DONGLE-TNT2-SEUL-248

    RTL-SDR USB stick with R820T2

    This RTL-SDR USB stick features the Realtek RTL2832U chipset and the new R820T2 tuner specifically designed for use in SDR mode.The new R820T2 tuner offers better sensitivity (+ 2dB to 5dB) and a low

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  • 48,00 € In stock

    Reference: NOOELEC-100555-HAM-IT-UP-44

    Ham it Up 1.3 & 1.3+ Converter HF 0.5-50Mhz Nooelec

    Nooelec's Ham It Up v1.3 is an up-converter HF, equipped with the 125Mhz filter soldered on the PCB and allows to listen to all MF / HF bands from 0.5 to 50 Mhz, in all modes of modulation, from a

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  • 35,90 € In stock

    Reference: NOOELEC-100701-NESDR2-421

    USB SDR dongle Nooelec R820T2 + TCXO + SMA + Case

    The NESDR SMART usb dongle is the new improved version of the famous RTL-SDR USB stick with the RTL2832U chipset and R820T2 and tuner, to receive all frequencies from 24 to 1700MHz (without gap) and

    35,90 €
  • 29,90 € Out of stock, available 7-10 days

    Reference: CLE-RTLSDR-V3-472

    Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T

    Optimized version of, with R820T2 tuner for reception from 24 to 1766 MHz. The characteristics of the dongle v3:- TCXO at 1 PPM (better stability and precision in

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  • 75,00 € In stock

    Reference: PACK-SDR-57

    Passion SDR Pack V2

    New version of Passion Radio SDR pack with RTL2832U and new R820T2 tuner and new Ham It Up v1.3 that offers better sensitivity and selectivity. The pack Passion Radio SDR transforms a computer, PC or

    75,00 €
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  • 129,95 € In stock

    Reference: PACK-SDR-DELUXE-81

    Deluxe SDR Passion Pack V2

    The new Deluxe Passion Radio SDR pack version include: - 1 USB TNT SDR stick new release (RTL2832U + tuner R820T2) - 1 converter HF SDR Ham it Up 1.3 (new release) - 1 USB cable male A-B 2.0 of 1.4

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  • 259,00 € In stock

    Reference: SDRPLAY-RSPDX-935

    SDRPlay RSPdx 1KHz - 2GHz 14-bit LNA metal case

    The new SDRPlay RSPdx receiver is the replacement of the RSP2PRO, it covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole) with 10MHz of the spectrum on the screen, 14-bit sampling, with TCXO 0.5PPM, notch filter

    259,00 €
  • 345,00 € In stock

    Reference: SDRPLAY-RSP-DUO-594

    SDRPlay RSPduo 1KHz to 2GHz Double Tuner 14 Bit

    The new SDRPlay RSPduo is a 14-bit SDR dual receiver that covers from 1kHz to 2GHz (without hole), with dual-tuner (simultaneous reception on 2 different antennas). The SDRDuo is equipped with a

    345,00 €
  • 135,00 € In stock

    Reference: SDRPLAY-RSP1-356

    RSP1A SDRPlay receiver 1 kHz to 2 GHz 14-bit + LNA

    New version of the SDRPlay wideband receiver, the RSP1A now covers all frequencies from 1 kHz to 2 GHz without hole, all modes, with up to 10 MHz bandwidth on the screen and 14-bit sampling. In

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  • 22,90 € In stock

    Reference: DONGLE-TNT2-COMPLET-249

    USB DVB-T & TNT HD stick receiver for laptop & smartphone

    This HD DVB-T stick allows you to receive free TV channels DVB-T and compatible with DVB-T HD, from a PC, laptop, Raspberry Pi or smartphone with an OTG cable.The USB stick can also be used as a

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  • 89,00 € Out of stock

    Reference: SDR-DXPATROL-282

    DX Patrol MK4 SDR receiver 100kHz 2Ghz + preampli

    The DXPatrol SDR receiver receives all radio frequencies from 100kHz to 2000 Mhz (no gap) with a maximum bandwidth of 3.2Mhz.The DX Patrol offers a ready-to-use solution to be quickly operational in

    89,00 €
  • 45,50 € Out of stock, available in 5-7 days

    Reference: NOO-100653-NESDR-E4000-360

    Nooelec USB stick with E4000 tuner 55-2300Mhz (TCXO option)

    This Nooelec USB RTL-SDR stick is equipped with the Realtek chipset RTL2832U and E4000 tuner offering a wider frequency coverage than R820T2. Associated with SDR software, this USB stick will become

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  • 26,90 € Out of stock

    Reference: DONGLE-TNT3-COMPLET-424

    USB DVB-T & RTL-SDR receiver

    This DVB-T2 USB stick allows you to receive free TV channels from DVB-T2 in HD digital TV, from a PC or laptop computer, equipped with a USB 2.0 port. With the update H.265 mpeg5 and drivers

    26,90 €
  • 229,00 € Out of stock

    Reference: SDRPLAY-RSP2-PRO-463

    SDRPlay RSP2 PRO 1KHz to 2GHz + LNA + case

    The SDRPlay RSP2 PRO receiver covers from 1kHz to 2 GHz (without gap). With metal case, TCXO 0.5PPM, MW/FM notch filter and 88-108Mhz FM radio rejection, 24MHz clock function and 4.7V Bias-T power

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