Satellite & QO-100

Equipment for amateur satellites communication, reception and transmission on QO-100 (Es'Hail2), 2.4Ghz antennas and transverter, Bias-T and LNB PLL.

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    Reference: QO100-LNB-AVENGER-753

    LNBF PLL Avenger 0.1dB for Ku Band Satellite & QO100

    High quality Avenger PLL321S-2 Universal Receiver Head, with 1 F-Type output, 55dB gain (60dB conversion), 0.1dB noise factor, and +/- 300Khz stability reception. LNBF for DVB-S2, 4K, HDTV, Ku-Band

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    Reference: QO100-EDUP-AB003-8W-797

    RF Amplifier EDUP EP-AB003 2400 MHz (8W) for QO100

    EDUP EP-AB003 amplifier for the amateur radio band 2400Mhz (13cm), this 2.4Ghz amp of 8W theoretical, is able to deliver an effective power of 3-4W max. with an input of 100mW maximum.This equipment

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    Reference: QO100-LNB-OCTAGON-OSLG-759

    LNBF PLL Octagon Green HQ 10Ghz Es'Hail2 QO100

    Octagon Universal LNB Green HQ series (high quality), 100% PLL, very stable, 0.1dB noise factor and low power consumption: 80-95mA max. (Single), 100-120 mA max. (Twin and Quad).Available in 3

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    Reference: QO100-ANT-POTY-762

    POTY dual band feed antenna 2.4 Ghz & 10 Ghz for QO100

    The POTY / Patch of the Year is a 2.4/10 Ghz dual-band patch antenna, circular polarized 2400 MHz TX and linear horn antenna 10500 MHz RX with dielectric lens (new cylindrical version for offset dish

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    Reference: QO100-ANALOG-CN0417-777

    RF Amplifier 2400 MHz 20dB Analog Devices CN0417

    The Analog Devices CN0417 is a small RF power amplifier, powered by micro-USB, optimized to operate on 2400 MHz with 100mW max, gain of 20-21dB max., with a integrated bandpass filter 2400 to

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    Reference: QO100-EDUP-AB007-4W-796

    RF Amplifier 2400 MHz (4W) EDUP EP-AB007 for QO100

    EDUP EP-AB007 amplifier for the amateur radio band 2400Mhz (13cm), this 2.4Ghz amp of 4W theoretical, is capable of delivering an effective power of 2W with a power input of 100mW max.This RF

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    Reference: QO100-REMOTEQTH-LNB-432-936

    Pack LNB PLL TCXO + BIAS-T for RX SDR or 432Mhz QO100

    The RemoteQTH Pack includes a LNB PLL head modified with TCXO and 25Mhz quartz, as well as a bias-T power supply with adjustable attenuation and available in 2 versions: With a SDR stick on 739Mhz and

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    Reference: WA5-ANT-2400-LHCP-QO100-806

    LHCP/RHCP patch antenna 2400Mhz QO-100 WA5VJB

    PCB antenna WA5VJB single patch for 2.4Ghz with left hand circular polarization LHCP or right hand circular polarization RHCP and a gain of 6dBi.This antenna is compatible for use in 2400 MHz

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    Reference: QO100-PARABOLE-749

    Camping Satellite Dish Antenna 35cm + Suitcase

    35cm satellite dish with carrying case and fixing, for use in camping, portable, or fixed from a balcony.The camping satellite antenna is easy to mount with an included suction cup mount, the antenna

    44,90 €
  • 5,00 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-LENTILLE-POTY-927

    Lens for POTY dual band feed antenna

    New version of the lens for the POTY antenna and 10 Ghz receiving of the QO-100 satellite with f/D 0.6 offset dish.Amateur radio design: PE1CKKDelivered with: 1 dielectric lens (new cylindrical

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  • 25,90 € In stock

    Reference: FILTRE-SAW-QO100-F1OPA-824

    2.4 Ghz SAW Bandpass filter for QO100

    This bandpass filter for the 2.4 Ghz (13cm) allows to reject the local oscillator and harmonics frequencies of the Up-Converter for QO-100 to get a clean signal on the satellite, with a max. input

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  • 29,93 € 39,90 € -25% In stock

    Reference: QO100-DELUXE-TWIN-LNB-747

    LNB PLL PremiumX DELUXE Single DVB-S2 HD UHD 4K

    PremiumX DELUXE LNB PLL Premium Universal Single Head with 1 F Output, 56dB Conversion Gain at 60dB, Low Noise Factor of 0.1dB and Stable Reception of Major TV and Satellite Satellites amateur radio

    29,93 € 39,90 € -25%
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    Reference: QO100-F1OPA-UPCONVERTER-803

    UpConverter 144 / 432Mhz to 2.4Ghz for QO-100 F1OPA

    This equipement is a 144/432Mhz up-converter for 2.4GHz band dedicated to the voice uplink on narrow band transpondeur of QO-100 satellite. The use of a SAW filter reduces the size of the system as

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    Reference: NOOELEC-100722-OUTERNET-467

    LNA & SAW filter for Inmarsat and Outernet

    This LNA and SAW filter from Nooelec is specially designed to operate on 1.5Ghz Outernet frequency band and for Inmarsat radio applications, covering from 1.50GHz to 1.58GHz. It significantly

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    Reference: QO100-FILTRE-TAOGLAS-942

    RF Pass-Band Filter 2.4Ghz 10W WiFi and QO-100

    The Taoglas Airvu 2.4Ghz bandpass filter is a 100Mhz broadband filter, for use in frequency from 2400 to 2500Mhz and a maximum power of 10W.Connector 1: RP-SMA MaleConnector 2: RP-SMA Female Note:

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  • 38,90 € In stock

    Reference: NOOELEC-ANT-100817-PCB-958

    PCB antenna 1.5Ghz Inmarsat Nooelec 1550Mhz

    Nooelec PCB Patch antenna for Inmarsat L-band application (Inmarsat AERO / STD-C) and satellites on 1550 Mhz. The antenna is delivered with female SMA connector soldered on the PCB.The antenna works

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  • 6,90 € Out of stock, available in 1 week

    Reference: QO100-LNB-OCTAGON2-OSLSO-789

    LNB Octagon Optima DRO single OSLSO & twin OTSLO

    Optima series Octagon Universal LNB DRO, very stable, 0.1dB noise factor and low power consumption: 80-95mA max. (Single), 100-120 mA max. (Twin).Available in 2 versions: Octagon Optima Single Slim (1

    6,90 €
  • 9,90 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-COUPLEUR-743

    SAT / TV outdoor antenna coupler combiner

    Combiner SAT / TV, this coupler allows to feed a LNB PLL head for QO-100, a protection box allows to use it outside.SAT input frequency: 950 - 2300 MhzTV / TNT input frequency: 5 - 790 MhzOutput

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    Reference: RF-Power8000-926

    RF Power-Meter 1-8000Mhz -45dBm à -5dBm

    The RF-Power 8000 module is a 0.96-inch OLED wattmeter for power measurements from 1nW to 2W (with the use of optional attenuators), from -45dBm to -5dBm in nominal for the frequencies of 1 at 8000Mhz

    39,90 €
  • 125,00 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-ANT-DJ7GP-LNB-891

    DuoBand-Feed 2.4 & 10 GHz Antenna with LNB for QO-100

    This version of DJ7GP's 2.4 / 10 Ghz dual band antenna is ready for use in RX and TX LHCP Circular Polarized for 2400 MHz and 10500 MHz reception for Oscar-100 satellite via LNB head climb.The antenna

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    Reference: QO100-FILTRE2-NMRF-944

    Pass-Band Filter 2400 Mhz 10W WiFi Zigbee QO100

    The NMRF filter is a bandpass filter centered on 2450Mhz with a bandwidth of 150Mhz, for use in frequency from 2400 to 2500Mhz with a maximum power of 10W, for radio applications: Wifi, Zigbee, Drone

    33,60 €
  • 15,50 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-OPA-BIAS-T1-760

    BIAS-TEE for QO-100 or LNA 30MHz to 4GHz F1OPA

    This BT4G-based BIAS-TEE is used to power a LNA or a 10Ghz PLL LNB to receive the QO-100 / Es'Hail2 satellite.The BT4G covers the frequency bands from 30 MHz to 4 GHz. The +/- supply leads are

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  • 65,00 € In Stock

    Reference: PACK-QO100-RX-829

    Kit RX SDR 10 Ghz Satellite Oscar-100

    This Kit includes all the elements necessary for the 10 Ghz reception of the Oscar-100 satellite in SDR mode. It remains only a parable of 40-60cm minimum to add to the pack, or this parabolic antenna

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  • 99,00 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-DXPATROL-CONVERTER2-922

    Kit LNB PLL + External Reference + BIAS-T for QO 100

    The 10Ghz / 739Mhz Converter DXPatrol Kit with built-in 10Mhz stabilization for the Oscar 100 satellite allows you to listen to the 10Ghz from QO 100 satellite (Narrow NB transponder), directly on the

    99,00 €
  • 119,00 € Out of stock, available july 13, 2015

    Reference: OCTAGON-RECEPTEUR-798

    Octagon SF8008 4K UHD DVB-S2 Linux Satellite Receiver

    OCTAGON SF8008 DVB-S2X satellite receiver, operating with Linux, for 4K UHD E2 2160p H.265 TV reception.The tuner is equipped with the new standard DVB-S2X, a USB 3.0 port, a LAN port and H.265, HDMI

    119,00 €
  • 95,00 € Out of stock, available in 1-2 weeks

    Reference: QO100-ANT-DJ7GP-825

    2.4 & 10 GHz Dual feed Antenna for Es'hail 2 / QO100

    LHCP circular polarized 2.4 / 10 Ghz antenna for 2400 MHz transmission and 10500 MHz reception for Es'hail 2 / QO100 satellite. The 10Ghz reception with this DJ7GP model antenna requires the use of a

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  • 5,90 € Out of stock, available july 13, 2015

    Reference: OCTAGON-BOITIER-PILE-792

    Battery pack 12V AA power supply SAT LNB

    Octagon battery pack to power a LNB satellite head in portable, with 75 ohms cable and 15cm length.The case requires 10 LR6 or AA rechargeable batteries (not included).Comes with: 1 battery pack

    5,90 €
  • 49,00 € Out of stock, available in 2 week

    Reference: QO100-F1OPA-AMPLI2400-938

    RF Amplifier 2400 MHz 100mW for QO-100 and Upconverter F1OPA

    This power amplifier equipment with a gain of 30dB is intended to operate primarily with F1OPA's upconverter 144 / 432Mhz - 2400 MHz to traffic on the QO-100 satellite uplink with 100mW output (20dBm)

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  • 349,00 € Out of stock, available in 3-4 weeks

    Reference: PACK-QO100-TX3-ADALM-948

    Pack QO100 TX SDR Adalm Pluto 100mW - 3W

    The Adalm PlutoSDR QO100 pack includes the main elements for SDR broadcasting from a computer, to the 2400 Mhz uplink of the QO-100 amateur radio satellite. Antenna 2.4Ghz available as an option

    349,00 €
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  • 129,00 € Out of stock, available in 3-4 weeks

    Reference: PACK-QO100-TX4-F1OPA-949

    Kit QO100 UPconverter 144/432Mhz - 2.4Ghz 100mW F1OPA

    The QO100 F1OPA package includes a 144 / 432Mhz upconverter> 2.4Ghz, a 100mW (real) driver amplifier, a 2.4Ghz bandwidth SAW filter (included in converter and amplifier), for the satellite traffic

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  • 159,00 € Out of stock, available in 2-3 weeks


    2400Mhz 12W amplifier for DXpatrol transverter

    The DXpatrol 2400Mhz amplifier is intended to be used with the DXPatrol transverter for QO-100, from version MK2.It allows to output 12W maximum from an input between 50mW and 100mW maximum. Powered

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  • 369,00 € Out of stock, available in 3-4 weeks

    Reference: PACK-QO100-TX5-LiMESDR-963

    Pack QO100 TX SDR LimeSDR Mini 100mW - 3W

    The QO100 LimeSDR Mini pack includes the main elements for SDR transmission from a computer, to the 2.4 GHz uplink of the Oscar-100 radio-amateur satellite.The cables and adapters needed to connect

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  • 125,00 € Out of stock, available in 2-3 weeks

    Reference: QO100-TRANS-SEUL-DXPATROL-740

    UpConverter 2400Mhz DXPatrol MK3 for QO-100

    The CT1FFU DXPatrol transverter MK3 (v3.0) for QO-100, allows to transmit from a HF, VHF or UHF radio from 28/144/432/1296 Mhz to 2400Mhz (13cm) on the QO-100 satellite uplink and the narrowband

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  • 349,00 € Out of stock, available in 3-4 weeks

    Reference: PACK-QO100-TX1-DXPATROL-880

    Kit QO100 Deluxe RX+TX Transverter DXpatrol 2400 Mhz

    The QO100 Deluxe Kit includes the main elements for stable 432Mhz reception of the 10Ghz downstream channel and for 28, 144, 430 or 1296Mhz transmission to the 2400Mhz upstream channel of the

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  • 275,00 € Out of stock, available in 3-4 weeks

    Reference: PACK-QO100-TX2-DXPATROL-947

    Kit QO100 TX Transverter DXpatrol 2400 Mhz 2W

    The QO100 DXPatrol Kit includes the main elements for 28, 144, 430 or 1296Mhz uplink to 2400Mhz transponder of the Oscar-100 amateur radio satellite.The cables and adapters needed to connect the

    275,00 €
  • 179,00 € Out of stock, available in 2-3 weeks

    Reference: QO100-LNB-CONVERTER-DXPATROL-904

    Kit Downconverter + Modified LNB for QO100 - DXPatrol

    The Down-Converter Kit for DX-Patrol's QO-100 satellite is a set consisting of a converter receiver with PLL lock, a Bias-T and a modified PLL LNB included.This setup allows you to listen to the

    179,00 €
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