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  • Amplifier handheld HT FM & DMR - VHF or UHF 25/30W VR-P25D
    45,90 € tax incl.

    Reference: VERO-MICRO-BT-BMH-75-1102

    Bluetooth microphone BMH-75 for VGC VR-P25D

    The VGC BMH-75 Bluetooth handheld microphone is compatible with the VGC VR-P25D VHF-UHF Andoid radio.Reception range: 10-15 metersBattery: 1200mAhAutonomy: 2 days to 1 week depending on useConnection:

    45,90 € tax incl.
  • ICOM HM-219 8-pin speaker microphone for IC-7300
    42,00 € tax incl.

    Reference: ICOM-HM219-1798

    ICOM HM-219 8-pin speaker microphone for IC-7300

    ICOM HM-219 8 pin speaker microphone for IC-7300. Compatible devices: IC-7300, IC-718, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-9100, IC-9700, IC-7100 (requires 8-pin microphone plug adapter)

    42,00 € tax incl.
  • ICOM loudspeaker with programming button for IC-705
    38,11 € tax incl. 42,34 € tax incl. -10%tax incl. In stock


    Reference: ICOM-HM158LA-1759

    ICOM HM-158LA speaker microphone for IC-V80E walkie talkie

    Miniature loudspeaker microphone ICOM HM-158LA angled plug 2.5-3.5mm with fixing screw. Compatible with the following ICOM devices: IC-V80E, IF-F2100DM, IF-F2100DTM, IF-F4002M, IC-F1100D, IC-F1100DS,

    38,11 € tax incl.

    42,34 €

  • ICOM 13.8V power cord for IC-7300 and IC-9700
    30,58 € tax incl.

    Reference: ICOM-OPC1132-1791

    ICOM OPC-1132 12V power cord for IC-2730E

    Power cord ICOM OPC-1132, 12 V, 20 Ah, 1.90m for IC-2730E. Compatible devices: IC-2730E, IC-2200H, IC-2725E, IC-E208, IC-E2820, IC-V8000, ID-1, IC-F111, IC-F111S, IC-F1821, IC-F211, IC-F2721,

    30,58 € tax incl.
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