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We provide only 100% genuine equipment with 2 years warranty on most equipement and 14 days to return. Stock in Europe, we ship from France.

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  • Universal automatic tuner mAT-1500PRO MAT-TUNER for YAESU ICOM KENWOOD
    582,50 €

    Reference: MTUNER-MAT-1500PRO-2741

    QRO mAT-1500PRO MAT-TUNER 1500W universal automatic tuner

    The mAT-1500Pro is a high-power, multi-function automatic antenna tuner, capable of adapting to almost any transmitter and amplifier. It is specifically designed to support a maximum RF power of 1500

    582,50 €
  • Automatic tuner mAT-Y200 MAT-TUNER for YAESU transceivers
    249,57 €

    Reference: MTUNER-MAT-Y200-2740

    mAT-Y200 : HF 1.8-54MHz 200W automatic tuner for YAESU

    The mAT-Y200 is an external automatic tuner designed to be compatible with Yaesu transmitters with an RF power rating of up to 200W in SSB mode. It is also suitable for digital modes such as FT8, CW

    249,57 €
  • MK3 Moonraker Skyscan 25-2000Mhz Magnetic Mobile Scanner Antenna
    23,40 €

    Reference: MOONRAKER-SKYSCAN-12-202-2739

    Moonraker Skyscan MK3 : Mobile scanner antenna 25-2000MHz + BNC cable

    Moonraker Scanner antenna with 4 tuned elements, for mobile reception in the 25 to 2000 MHz frequency range, 65 cm antenna length, 9 cm magnetic base. With 4-metre RG58 coaxial cable with BNC-Male

    23,40 €
  • Malachite DSP SDR V5 receiver 10kHz-250MHz and 400MHz-2GHz 82dB
    228,79 € 240,83 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. Available to order within 2-3 weeks


    Reference: MALACHITE-SDR-V5-2731

    Malachite SDR V5 10kHz-250MHz and 400MHz-2GHz receiver with DSP

    The Malachite DSP SDR V5 receiver is a robust radio receiver with an aluminium casing offering a wide frequency coverage range from 10 kHz to 250 MHz and from 400 MHz to 2 GHz. This model incorporates

    228,79 €

    240,83 €

    Reduced price!
  • LiteVNA64 Antenna Analyser 50KHz to 6.3GHz 90dB
    173,38 € 182,50 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. Available to order within 2-3 weeks


    Reference: NANO-LITEVNA64-2730

    LiteVNA64 VNA antenna analyser from 50KHz to 6.3GHz

    The LiteVNA-64 is a touch-sensitive Vector Network Analyser (VNA) that offers advanced performance for HF, VHF, and UHF frequency testing, ranging from 50 KHz to 6.3 GHz. This is a significant upgrade

    173,38 €

    182,50 €

    Reduced price!
  • Megasat 80cm 38.8 dB steel satellite dish
    30,88 € 32,50 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: MEGASAT-PARABOLE80-0500238-2729

    80cm robust steel satellite dish antenna 38.8dB gain Megasat

    Megasat's 80 cm steel satellite dish is designed to provide exceptional reception of satellite channels. This high-quality mirror ensures very high antenna gain and stable signal reception, even in

    30,88 €

    32,50 €

    Reduced price!
  • ICOM IC-R15 108-500MHz AM/FM/VHF/UHF wideband receiver Bluetooth colour LCD screen SD card USB-C
    487,50 €

    Reference: ICOM-ICR15-2727

    ICOM IC-R15 Waterproof scanner IPX7 VHF UHF 108-500MHz Bluetooth Dual standby

    The ICOM IC-R15 is a portable receiver designed to provide high-quality listening in the 108 to 500 MHz frequency band, with simultaneous listening in the VHF and UHF bands. It features Bluetooth for

    487,50 €
  • Bluetooth and APRS (RX & TX) module for Anytone AT-578UV V1 & V2 mobile phones
    46,71 € 49,17 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: ANYTONE-BT-APRS-MOD-578-2726

    Bluetooth and APRS (RX & TX) module for Anytone AT-578UV V1 & V2 mobile phones

    This card adds Bluetooth functions and APRS reception and transmission, in analogue and digital mode, to the AnyTone AT-D578UV V1 or V2 mobile phone. Please note that this module is difficult to

    46,71 €

    49,17 €

    Reduced price!

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Passion Radio is a French company created by the radio amateur F1JXQ in 2014 and which offers an online store specializing in analog, digital and SDR radiocommunication equipment, for professionals, amateurs and RF enthusiasts.

We do not have a physical store to accommodate the public and sell only by mail or at radio amateurs in France and Europe.

Our range of radio equipment covers the HF (decametric 0-30 Mhz), VHF and UHF 50 144 and 430 Mhz, SHF 2.4 and 10 Ghz amateur bands, as well as the professional VHF-UHF bands and unlicensed frequencies, ISM bands ( 433 and 868 Mhz) LoRa LoRaWAN Sigfox, CB (27 Mhz) and PMR446.

In direct from: Anytone, Diamond Antenna, Great Scott Gadgets, ICOM, Nagoya, nooelec, OPA Design, RemoteQTH, RTL-SDR.com, SDRplay, SIRIO, TYT, Uniden, Wouxun and Yaesu.

We provide only 100% genuine equipment with 2 years warranty on most equipement and 14 days to return.

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