Ham & radio equipment

We offer a selection of equipment for radio amateur, professional and passionate radio such as Walkie-Talkie, Antennas, Mobile VHF & UHF, VHF Marine and Aviation, PMR446, HF / 50Mhz, CB 27Mhz, digital radio DMR, hotspot MMDVM, scanner and power supply.

Available radio equipment brands: Yaesu, Wouxun, QYT, Diamond Antenna, TYT, Uniden, Anytone et Nissei.

Equipment warranty 100% original manufacturer.


  • HF / 50Mhz Transceiver

    Selection of Yaesu HF radio and Chinese transceiver for HF amateur bands from 0 to 30 MHz and 50 MHz band.

  • Mobile VHF UHF

    Selection of mobile stations equipment, in FM analog mode, for amateur radio use on the VHF (144Mhz) and UHF (430 Mhz) bands.

  • HT Handheld

    Our selection of walkie-talkie and handheld dual-band transceiver VHF UHF.

  • Satellite & QO-100

    Equipment for amateur satellites communication, reception and transmission on QO-100 (Es'Hail2), 2.4Ghz antennas and transverter, Bias-T and LNB PLL.

  • Amateur antennas

    Antenna selection for amateur radio equipment: Portable, mobile and fixed.

    For amateur frequency bands in HF from 0 to 30Mhz, VHF (50 and 144Mhz), UHF (430Mhz) SHF (1200, 2400Mhz and 10Ghz).

    Our amateur radio antenna brands: Diamond Antenna, Nagoya, Sirio and Comet,

  • Digital Radio

  • Receiver & Scanner

  • PMR 446 licence free

    PMR46 radio equipment without license, for frequencies in PMR 446.

  • CB 27Mhz

  • VHF Air Band

    Selection of radio equipment for the air band VHF AM 118-136Mhz, equipment Yaesu Vertex mobile and aviation radio portable VHF 8.33 khz and 25 khz.

  • Power supply

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  • 2,00 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-PL259-11MM-375

    PL-259 connector Teflon 11mm (UHF male)

    PL259 Teflon long socket connector (UHF male) for coaxial cable 11mm weld.

    2,00 €
  • 59,00 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-G5RV-DEMI-406

    G5RV wire antenna HF multiband

    Invented by G5RV amateur, R. Louis VARNEY published for the first time the technical documentation of its antenna in November 1966. The G5RV wire antenna have 2 versions: 1/2 half size, about 16

    59,00 €
  • 189,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-FT-70-DE-522

    YAESU FT-70DE 144/430 MHz FM + C4FM 5W

    The Yaesu FT-70DE, robust walkie-talkie and IP54, VHF-UHF 144/430 MHz 5 watts, dual-mode analogue FM and digital C4FM, 108-580Mhz wideband scanner with aviation band AM with new step 8.33kHz.- No

    189,00 €
  • 349,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-FTM-100DE-460

    Mobile VHF-UHF FM C4FM YAESU FTM-100DE 50W

    Mobile station YAESU FTM100 DR/DE VHF/UHF/C4FM, is a dual-mode analog and digital, and dual-band 144 / 430Mhz with VHF AM 108-137Mhz aviation band scanner and receiver FM mode from 137Mhz to 1000Mhz.

    349,00 €
  • 699,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-FT-891-461

    Yaesu FT-891 HF + 50Mhz 100W

    The new FT-891 is the most compact HF 100W transceiver in the Yaesu range, suitable for both fixed and mobile applications.It covers all HF bands from 160 to 10m with also 6m band (50 MHz) with a

    699,00 €
  • 99,00 € In stock

    Reference: CRT-MAAS-RS600-116

    SWR-Power meter 1.8 - 525Mhz 400W MAAS RS-600

    The MAAS RS-600 device measures reflected power and ROS. Compact, it is convenient to use both in mobile or stationary at the station. The connectors are N. Frequency: 1.8 to 160Mhz and 140 to 525

    99,00 €
  • 695,00 € In stock

    Reference: YAESU-FT-450D-543

    Yaesu FT-450D HF+50Mhz 100W with integrated automatic coupler

    The transceiver Yaesu FT-450D is the improved version of the famous Yaesu FT-450AT. It covers all HF radio bands from 160m to 10m as well as the 6m band (50 MHz) with a power of 100W in SSB.Reception

    695,00 €
  • 15,50 € In stock

    Reference: QO100-OPA-BIAS-T1-760

    BIAS-TEE for QO-100 or LNA 30MHz to 4GHz F1OPA

    This BT4G-based BIAS-TEE is used to power a LNA or a 10Ghz PLL LNB to receive the QO-100 / Es'Hail2 satellite.The BT4G covers the frequency bands from 30 MHz to 4 GHz. The +/- supply leads are

    15,50 €
    Online only
  • 859,00 € On order: Usually ships in 3 to 5 working days

    Reference: YAESU-FT-857D-561

    Yaesu FT-857D HF Mobile 50Mhz + 144/430 Mhz

    The Yaesu FT-857D is one of the most successful multi-band HF / VHF / UHF and multimode AM / FM / SSB / CW / PACKET mobile transceiver in the world. It covers in reception the bands of 0.1 to 56 MHz,

    859,00 €
  • 132,00 € Out of stock

    Reference: CRT-TALKIE-4CF-552

    Handheld CRT 4CF V2 144/430Mhz + Transponder + AM Air Band 8.33Khz

    The CRT 4CF (V2) licensed walkie-talkie is a 144/430Mhz dual-band handheld with 6 watts of real VHF and 5 watts of UHF on 2m/70cm amateur radio bands. The CRT 4CF is equipped with the AM 118-136Mhz

    132,00 €
  • 729,00 € On order: Usually ships in 5 to 7 working days

    Reference: YAESU-FT-818ND-584

    Yaesu FT-818 ND QRP mobile HF VHF UHF TCXO

    The new Yaesu FT-818 ND is the replacement of the famous QRP FT-817 ND from Yaesu. Compared to the FT-817, the FT-818 is equipped with a TCXO-9 and offers 6W on 13.8V and 2.5W power supply on

    729,00 €
  • 3,95 € Out of stock

    Reference: CARNET-LOGBOOK-589

    Paper logbook for hamradio - Passion Radio

    Radio Logbook "Passion Radio" with spirals on A5 landscape format paper, small size perfect for activity in mobile, portable, SOTA or IOTA. Four-color printed cover on a 300 gr satin cardInner Pages:

    3,95 €
  • 159,00 € Out of stock, available soon 10-15 days

    Reference: QYT-KT780-PLUS-681

    Mobile VHF QYT KT-780 PLUS 144Mhz 60W or 430Mhz 50W

    The QYT KT-780 PLUS mobile covers in RX and TX 144-146 MHz or UHF 430-440MHz (single-band VHF or UHF) in analog FM mode with 60 watts maximum VHF and 50W max. UHF. Functions: scan, quad display, 4

    159,00 €
  • 1 499,00 € On order: Usually ships in 5 to 7 working days

    Reference: YAESU-FT-DX3000D-752

    Yaesu FTDX-3000 HF 160m - 6m 100W

    The Yaesu FTDX-3000 (D) transceiver is the latest in the Yaesu FTDX range, covering all HF radio bands from 160m to 10m and the 6m (50 MHz) band with 100W SSB power.The FT-DX3000D features: DSP

    1 499,00 €
  • 1 399,00 € Available on order under 5-7 days

    Reference: YAESU-FT991A-423

    Yaesu FT-991A HF VHF UHF & C4FM 100W

    The Yaesu FT-991A is the latest revised version, with color waterfall, multi-band and multi-mode display : Analogue HF, 50, 144 and 430 Mhz and Digital C4FM (Yaesu Fusion System), with integrated

    1 399,00 €
  • 149,00 € Out of stock, available in 5-7 days

    Reference: PACK-BLUEDV-ANDROID-SB-420

    Pack BlueDV Hotspot DMR D-Star C4FM via Bluetooth

    The BlueDV pack includes all the elements to simply create a digital hotspot (access point) in D-Star, DMR or C4FM.A hotspot allows access to digital radio networks anywhere, thanks to a DMR, D-Star

    149,00 €
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