Return of equipment and warranty

Before returning a material under warranty, a detailed request must be made in advance by email to: [email protected].

Any material sent without agreement will be refused and returned to the sender.

For a quick handling, any warranty request must answer the following questions and indicate your order or invoice number:

1 - What is the precise nature of the problem encountered, how, where and when did it happen?
2 - Has there been a recent change in the installation and/or configuration?
3 - How is the equipment installed and used (attach a photo and/or video*)
4 - What tests, measures and solutions have been tried to correct the problem?
5 - If relevant: On which frequencies and/or modulation modes does the problem appear?

* To send a video file that would be too heavy by email, you can use this free service:

The more precise a request is, with explanation, photo or video, the faster the treatment is adapted to the situation, because in 9 cases out of 10 of declared "breakdowns", it is very often a problem of installation, configuration and/or use and does not fall under the warranty.

The conditions of 2-year warranty

In the event of a proven equipment failure after the 14-day return period and under warranty, Passion Radio offers a 2-year warranty (unless otherwise mentioned on the equipment page), repair or replacement with identical or equivalent equipment, depending on availability, or a credit note or partial refund depending on the age of the equipment, if the equipment is no longer available, see our general sales conditions.

The guarantee applies within the framework of a normal use and according to the common rules of use of radio-communication material and the specifications indicated by the manufacturer of each material.

The warranty does not cover breakdowns or problems resulting from:

- Misuse or non-compliance with the rules of use of the equipment
- Projection or immersion of the equipment in water (except IP67 equipment)
- A bad adjustment, configuration or installation of the material, software, drivers
- Use of unofficial firmware
- Exposure of the equipment to an electrostatic field, e.g. thunderstorm, lightning
- Short circuit, polarity inversion, electric shock
- Use of the equipment outside the specifications and/or frequencies indicated by the manufacturer
- Batteries are not covered under the warranty, only in the case of a battery received defective on delivery and to be reported within a maximum of 30 days from the date of receipt
- Damage to receivers caused by the emission of a signal in their vicinity
- Damage to the transmitter or PA (power amplifier)
- Incorrect adjustment of the antenna (VSWR)
- Non-compatible, non-supported or non-updated Windows installation

During the warranty period, return shipping costs are in all cases at the client's expense. Passion Radio will pay the return of the equipment covered by the warranty.

See the conditions for returning equipment 14 days.

See the conditions of the YAESU 5-year warranty.

Before returning a material under warranty, a detailed request must be made in advance by email to: [email protected].

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