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Duplexer HF+50Mhz & VHF-UHF Diamond MX62-N & MX62-M

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Duplexer Diamond MX62N and MX62M, Diamond Japan original warranty, covers from 1.6 to 56MHz for HF bands and from 120 to 470Mhz, in transmission and reception. The MX62N duplexer is perfect to use with Yaesu FT-857 equipped with an N connector for VHF and UHF bands.

HF: 1.6 to 56 MHz
VHF / UHF: 76 to 470MHz (between 76 and 120MHz reception only)
Max power: 600W (PEP)

MX62N connectors: With N male plug for VHF-UHF + PL259 band for HF bands
Connector MX62M: With male UHF (PL-259) for the VHF-UHF + PL259 band for HF bands

Delivered with: 1 Diamond MX62N or MX62M duplexer to choose from, Diamond Antenna original warranty.

By language abuse, this duplexer is actually a diplexer.

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  • UHF Male (PL-259)
  • N Male

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MX62 duplexer / diplexer specifications

Frequency: HF 1.6-56MHz / VHF / UHF: 76-470MHz (receiving from 76 to 120MHz only)
Power: 600W (PEP)
Insertion loss: 1.6-56 MHz Less than 0.2 dB
Insertion loss: 140-150MHz Less than 0.3dB
Impedance: 50ohms / VSWR: Less than 1.2
Isolation: More than 50dB
Connector: Mix: SO-239 (Female UHF)
1.6-56 MHz: PL259 (UHF Male)
76-470 MHz: Male N plug on the MX62N or PL-259 version (UHF male) on the MX62M version
Coaxial cable: 5D-2V 35cm
Dimensions: 86x25x64mm
Weight: 360g


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