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Hotspot Helium Nebra Rock Pi V2 868 MHz + HNT cryptocurrency miner

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The new version of the Nebra Rock Pi V2 hotspot (Reprogrammed chip + functional bluetooth) allows to deploy a coverage point of the Helium network, for connected objects running on the LoRa EU868 ISM band in Europe and in France and at the same time to mine the HNT (helium) cryptocurrency.

This equipment is guaranteed for 1 year (see conditions below). No 14-day return of a hotspot already declared on the Helium network is possible, as the equipment is then considered to be personalised by the user and cannot be resold as is.

Delivered with : 1 hotspot Nebra RockPi 2GB V2, 1 antenna 868 MHz 3dBi, 1 WIFI antenna, 1 power supply 220V/USB 5V, 1 ethernet cable RJ45, quick start guide in French to download below.

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Manual miner Rock Pi (FR)

User guide, FAQ in french for RockPi hotspot 1.31M

Manual miner RockPi (EN)

User guide, FAQ for the Rock Pi Nebra hotspot 1.34M

Quick guide miner Rock PI (EN)

Quick installation guide in french for the ROCKPI miner 177.16k

Quick guide miner RockPI (EN)

Quick installation guide in english for the ROCK PI miner 534.8k

Data sheet


94x70x53 mm (without antenna)



Power requirements

12V 2.5A USB-C

Maximum TX power

24-27dBm max.

Network connectivity

1GBit Ethernet, 2.4/5GHz WiFi

Antenna connection

RP-SMA female

Nominal ambient temperature



ROCK Pi RK3399 processor

CPU specification

Dual Core Cortex A72 1.8GHz and Quad Core Cortex A53 1.4GHz

High Endurance Storage




Features RockPi Nebra

  • Configuration via helium app (Android/iOS)
  • RockPi (2G RAM) and a LoRa chip with SAW filter
  • Secure with built-in cryptographic chip
  • Automatic online firmware updates (OTA), without manual intervention
  • 32GB high endurance storage on eMMC (avoids MicroSD card wear and tear)
  • Online dashboard :
  • Instant Sync function to quickly synchronise the helium blockchain
  • Bluetooth, WIFI and Ethernet connection
  • Includes $40 for the first registration of the miner on Helium and its location (then the cost of changing the location of the hotspot is $10, to be paid in HNT crypto)

What type of antenna and connectors?

To get the best possible performance depending on the location of your Helium miner installation, it is recommended to use an antenna installed outside, as high and clear as possible on 360°.

The use of an antenna, correctly tuned to the frequency band used by the Helium network is also recommended, such as the 868 MHz tuned antenna OPA Design. This antenna is with a female N connector.

The Rock Pi hotspot is equipped with an RP-SMA female connector, not to be confused with an SMA connector. A male RP-SMA connector must be chosen to be compatible with this helium hotspot.

To connect the recommended antenna directly to the miner, the cable must have an RP-SMA male connector on one side (to go to the HS) and an N male connector on the other (to go to the antenna).

We recommend using a low-loss KSR400 (LMR400 equivalent) coaxial cable, of the shortest length possible for your configuration, such as this one:

How to get support and help?

Find the quick start guide and all documentation online at:

For all technical support request, a ticket have to be opened from the Nebra platform:

What are the warranty conditions of the hotspot ?

In the event of a hotspot failure after the 14-day return period and under warranty, Passion Radio offers a 1-year warranty on this equipment for quality defects or manufacturing faults (except in the case of warranty exclusions below), repair or replacement with identical or equivalent equipment, depending on availability, or a credit note or partial reimbursement depending on the age of the equipment, if the equipment is no longer available.

The guarantee applies within the framework of normal use and according to the conditions of use and the specifications indicated by the manufacturer of the material. The return costs are at the client's expense, Passion Radio will pay for the return of the equipment.

The guarantee does not cover breakdowns or defects resulting from

  • Misuse or non-compliance with the rules of use of the equipment
  • Projection or immersion of the equipment in water
  • Incorrect adjustment, configuration or installation of the equipment or firmware
  • Use of unofficial firmware
  • Exposure of the equipment to an electrostatic field, e.g. thunderstorm, lightning
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, electric shock
  • Use of the equipment outside the specifications and/or frequencies indicated by the manufacturer
  • Damage to receivers caused by the emission of a signal in their vicinity
  • Damage to the LoRA transmitter or power amplifier (PA) due to improper antenna adjustment (VSWR) or use outside the manufacturer's specified band or use without an antenna connected to the miner
  • Total decrease or loss of returns and rewards (rewards, withness, crypto HNT)
  • Use outdoors, in a non-ventilated, non-temperate, non-depressurised enclosure
  • A failure of the Helium network and/or the blockchain

No 14-day return of a hotspot already declared on the Helium network will be possible, as the equipment will be considered as personalised by the user and impossible to resell as is.

FAQ about indoor ROCK Pi hotspots

What is the antenna connector on the hotspot?

The indoor unit is equipped with an RP-SMA female connector.

Is the 2GB memory sufficient for mining?

A hotspot in full activity consumes less than 1GB of RAM memory. With 2GB of memory the RockPi miner has enough RAM to operate.

A 4GB or 8GB hotspot will not perform any better than a 2GB hotspot with the same installation configuration.

The key point is the antenna, its tuning and line of sight.

What version of the RockPi hotspot do you have?

We only offer V2 with the correction applied.

Can I add 4G connectivity to my indoor hotspot?

No, the indoor unit does not allow the addition of a 4G modem. You can use a solution like a MiFi or a 4G to Ethernet module to achieve the same result.

How much internet data does the Hotspot use per month?

Currently, we estimate 30-50 GB per month.

Actual usage may be slightly lower or higher and will be updated as we start measuring more units.

As all hotspots become "hotspot light", data usage will decrease.

What antenna is included with the hotspot?

A 3dBi omni-directional antenna is included with the Nebra Indoor Hotspot, the specifications can be found in this manual.

Upgraded antennas can be purchased as an option below.

Can I use PoE power with this Indoor Hotspot?

If you wish to use PoE with the Indoor Hotspot, you will need an active PoE splitter that supplies 12V to the unit. You can also use passive PoE adapters as long as the power supply to the unit is between 9 and 16 volts and can deliver 15W of power.

How long does it take for my hotspot to synchronise with the network?

This time may vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. However, in our tests, it takes approximately 24-48 hours for the initial sync to complete.

I have a problem with my device

If your problem cannot be resolved using the information in this FAQ page or the troubleshooting page, you can contact official Nebra technical support directly using one of the methods listed here: https: // and include the following information:

  • Unit model ?
  • Mac address of the unit (indicated as ETH on the sticker) ?
  • Frequency of the unit (indicated as Freq on the sticker)?
  • How do you connect it to the Internet? (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular)?
  • How do you power the unit? (included adapter, PoE, third party adapter)

If the problem is with the initial configuration of the hotspot, please also include :

  • What make and model of phone and OS are you using?
  • What version of the Helium application are you using?
  • Do you have screenshots of the error codes?

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