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120cm tripod for satellite dish

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This tripod is a mobile support used for satellite dishes from 60 cm to 80 cm in diameter. The mast is adjustable up to 120 cm, and can be rotated in all directions. Made of lightweight and stable aluminum, the tripod is also perfect for camping.

Plus, it takes up little space when folded and can be easily transported. The tent pegs included in the delivery ensure that the tripod is firmly anchored in the ground.

  •     Adjustable height: up to 120 cm
  •     height (folded): 77 cm
  •     Main tube (Ø / length / thickness): 42 mm / 700 mm / 1 mm
  •     Mounting tube (Ø / length / thickness): 32 mm / 470 mm / 1 mm
  •     Feet (Ø / length / thickness): 32 mm / 590 mm / 1 mm
  •     Spacers (width / length / thickness): 20 mm / 300 mm / 4.5 mm
  •     Material: aluminum
  •     Weight: 1390 g

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rating 5
C\'est parfait il correspond à mes attentes pour fixer ma parabole pour trafiquer sur le satellite QO-100

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