USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp Waka Waka WAKAWAKA-CHARGEUR-21 View larger
USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp Waka Waka WAKAWAKA-CHARGEUR-21

Waka Waka

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Chargeur solaire portable pour smartphone et téléphone portable, performant et solidaire

USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp

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Waka Waka is both a universal portable USB solar charger, an LED lamp and an external portable 3000mAh battery, to charge its iphone, samsung and all smartphones or devices equipped with a USB cable power supply.

The lamp offers 40 hours of autonomy. It takes 2 hours to charge a 100% phone. WakaWaka is charging in the sun in 8h to 12h and 4h by USB power supply.

It is also a powerful LED solar lamp, with 150 hours of autonomy, easy to hang, a bottle for example to use as a support for charging or for lighting. The charger Waka Waka is nomad and green care.

It also charges via micro-USB port in 4h to 6h, from a computer or USB port and then serves as 3000 mAh external portable battery.

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Documentation chargeur Waka Waka

Toutes les spécifications techniques du meilleur chargeur solaire 657.95k

Data sheet

Waka Waka Solar specifications

Lamp with leds 0,50w
120 lumens light output
LiPO 2200 mAh battery
Compatible iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry
Size: 127 x 83 x 20 mm
Weight 163 grams
1 year warranty and CE standards

Universal USB charger, works with any phone, smartphone and tablet equipped with a USB cable to charge it: iPhone 3G 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 S3 S5, S6 and S7, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, iPad tablet 1 and 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab tablet but also a GoPro camera, an MP3 player or an electronic cigarette.

Compatible with most phones or digital cameras with a USB port.

WakaWaka Power Plus+ Charger Features

- LiPO battery 2200 mAh
- Solar panel of 1050 mWatt (with a solar yield of 22%)
- Connections: Micro USB input (0.5 A) and USB output (1.5 A)
- 150 hours of autonomy in a single lamp
- SOS beacon, 5 lighting modes
- Light by LEDs, maximum total power of 75 lumens
- Energy saving mode, automatic lighting mode
- Simultaneous use of the charger and the lamp
- Weight of the charger alone: 200 grams
- 1 year warranty and CE standards

Charging times at sun of Waka Waka power charger

50% recharged in 1 day of sunshine (5000Wh / m2)
Complete refill in 12h to 24 hours depending on sun exposure
Charges on mains in 6 hours
Smartphone recharge: 120% (based on an iPhone 5s)
Time to charge a mobile phone: 2 hours (iphone 5)

Autonomy of the led solar lamp

At full charge:
- Very bright: 10 hours at 75 lumens
- Bright: 20 hours at 38 Lumens
- Medium brightness: 60 hours at 15 Lumens
- Nightlight mode: 150 hours to 5 lumens

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