USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp

Waka Waka is both a universal portable USB solar charger, an LED lamp and an external portable 3000mAh battery, to charge its iphone, samsung and all smartphones or devices equipped with a USB cable power supply.

The lamp offers 40 hours of autonomy. It takes 2 hours to charge a 100% phone. WakaWaka is charging in the sun in 8h to 12h and 4h by USB power supply.

It is also a powerful LED solar lamp, with 150 hours of autonomy, easy to hang, a bottle for example to use as a support for charging or for lighting. The charger Waka Waka is nomad and green care.

It also charges via micro-USB port in 4h to 6h, from a computer or USB port and then serves as 3000 mAh external portable battery.

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    Waka Waka Solar specifications

    Lamp with leds 0,50w
    120 lumens light output
    LiPO 2200 mAh battery
    Compatible iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry
    Size: 127 x 83 x 20 mm
    Weight 163 grams
    1 year warranty and CE standards

    Universal USB charger, works with any phone, smartphone and tablet equipped with a USB cable to charge it: iPhone 3G 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 and 7, Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 S3 S5, S6 and S7, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, iPad tablet 1 and 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab tablet but also a GoPro camera, an MP3 player or an electronic cigarette.

    Compatible with most phones or digital cameras with a USB port.

    WakaWaka Power Plus+ Charger Features

    - LiPO battery 2200 mAh
    - Solar panel of 1050 mWatt (with a solar yield of 22%)
    - Connections: Micro USB input (0.5 A) and USB output (1.5 A)
    - 150 hours of autonomy in a single lamp
    - SOS beacon, 5 lighting modes
    - Light by LEDs, maximum total power of 75 lumens
    - Energy saving mode, automatic lighting mode
    - Simultaneous use of the charger and the lamp
    - Weight of the charger alone: 200 grams
    - 1 year warranty and CE standards

    Charging times at sun of Waka Waka power charger

    50% recharged in 1 day of sunshine (5000Wh / m2)
    Complete refill in 12h to 24 hours depending on sun exposure
    Charges on mains in 6 hours
    Smartphone recharge: 120% (based on an iPhone 5s)
    Time to charge a mobile phone: 2 hours (iphone 5)

    Autonomy of the led solar lamp

    At full charge:
    - Very bright: 10 hours at 75 lumens
    - Bright: 20 hours at 38 Lumens
    - Medium brightness: 60 hours at 15 Lumens
    - Nightlight mode: 150 hours to 5 lumens



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    USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp

    USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp

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    • Product: USB Solar Charger + 2200mAh Battery + Lamp
    • Manufacturer: Waka Waka
    • Price: 69,95 € VAT incl.
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