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Fixed dual band antenna 144-430Mhz COMET CA-2X4CX Comet Antenna Mobile COMET-CA2X4CX-988 View larger
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Fixed dual band antenna 144-430Mhz COMET CA-2X4CX

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Comet CA2X4CX original guaranteed antenna for fixed use, band 144 -430MHz, with a gain of 3.5dBi on 144Mhz and 6.0dBi on 430 Mhz and with a length of 1.36m.

Length: 1.36m
Gain: 3.5dBi (144 Mhz) and 6dBi (430 Mhz)
Bandwidth: 144-146Mhz and 430-440Mhz
Max power : 100W FM
Impedance: 50 ohms
ROS: Less than 1.5: 1
Connector: SO239 - UHF female
Color: White fiberglass
Weight: 790g

Delivered with: 1 COMET CA-2X4CX antenna guaranteed of origin (Japan).

Delivery info: This antenna is considered a large package and the carriers apply an extra charge for shipping.

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