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Yaesu M-90D Desktop Microphone for FT-991A FTDX10 FT-450D FT-710

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Yaesu M-90D desktop microphone compatible with Yaesu FT-450D, FTDX5000MP, FTDX3000D, FT-818ND, FT-891, FT-991A, FT-710, FTDX101D, FTDX101MP, and FTDX10 sets.

The M90D microphone has a PTT key with lock function: when the LOCK key is pressed, the transmit mode is activated and held, and when the key is pressed again, the transceiver returns to the mode. reception.

The microphone angle can be adjusted by loosening (turning them counterclockwise) the screws on the left and right sides of the microphone bracket.

Place the microphone in the desired position, then tighten the screws (clockwise) to secure the microphone.

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Data sheet

Technical specifics M90

Power supply voltage: DC 5.0V ± 10%
Current consumption: 15 mA (TYP)
Microphone type: dynamic
Frequency response: 30 - 17,000 Hz
Sensitivity: -60 dB (1 kHz 0 dB = 1V / 1Pa)
Microphone impedance: 600 Ohms
Dimensions (W x H x D): 106 x 192 x 126.5 mm (4.17 x 7.56 x 4.98) maximum size with microphone head flat
Weight (approx.): 530 g (18.7 oz) without cable

List of compatible Yaesu devices:

    FT-1000MP MARK-V

Compatible with optional power supply kit :



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rating 5
Achat micro Yaesu M-90D
très bon matériel et suite aux différents QSO que j\'ai pu avoir, la qualité de la radio est claire, limpide et très intelligible. Aucune commune mesure avec le micro d\'origine du FT-710. Il fait totalement le \"job)!
rating 5
Micro yaesu
Livraison rapide!!
rating 5
Excellent micro
Excellent micro , très esthétique
rating 5
Produit qui correspond à la description. Envoi rapide. Je recommande la boutique.

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