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430-490MHz 8.5dBi Diamond BC-205 HAMRADIO PMR 446 fixed antenna

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Guaranteed original Diamond BC-205 fixed antenna, operates as a receiver and/or transmitter from 430 to 490MHz (to be trimmed) and is approximately 2.9m high, for use on the 70cm amateur radio band, PMR, 446, etc.

Frequencies: adjustable from 430-490 MHz
Compatible band: 70cm amateur radio, PMR, 446 MHz, etc.
Type: 2x 5/8th wave with ground plane
Length: 2.9m
Gain: 8.5dBi
Max. power. 180W
Impedance: 50 ohms
VSWR: Less than 1.5: 1
Connector: SO239 (UHF female)
Mat diameter accepted: 30-60cm
Weight: 1.1kgs
Mat diameter for mounting: 30 to 62mm

Supplied with: 1 Diamond BC205 antenna, guaranteed original Diamond Japan, with mounting bracket, without cable (optional).

107,50 € tax excl.

This material is no longer available and we don't know if and when we will have it again.


Cutting chart for BC202

Cutting chart for the antenna UHF Diamond BC202 155.26k

Manual BC-202 Diamond (EN)

User manual and datasheet in english Diamond Antenna BC202 211.75k

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