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Base Antenna 370-510 MHz 6.75dBi TETRA PMR 446 MHz Sirio GPF 703 N View larger


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Base Antenna 370-510 MHz 6.75dBi TETRA PMR 446 MHz Sirio GPF 703 N

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Sirio GPF 703 N antenna for fixed base station and UHF band of 370-510 MHz, omnidirectional antenna with a height of 2.23m, with a gain of 6.75 dBi, maximum power of 200 Watts, N-Female connector.

For transmission, this antenna needs to be at SWR level according to the frequency of use.

Example of compatible frequency band: TETRA, Radio amateur 70cm, PMR 446, ISM and LORA 433 Mhz.

Supplied with: Sirio GPF 703 N, with fixing bracket included, without coaxial cable (optional below).

Delivery info: This antenna is considered a very large package and the carriers apply an extra charge for shipping.

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Data sheet

Antenna type: 3 X 5/8 λ collinear
Ground plane: 3 radians of 17cm
Radiation: omnidirectional
Polarization: vertical linear
Frequency range: Adjustable from 370 to 510 MHz
Compatible frequency band: 70 cm, TETRA, CDMA-450, PMR 446 Mhz, ISM / SIGFOX / LoRa 433 MHz
Gain: 6.75 dBi (4.6 dBd)
Maximum power: 200 watts
Antenna to ground
Connector: N-Female
Materials: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, fiberglass
Height: 223 cm
Weight: 1.16 Kg
Type of mounting: on mast (with bracket included)

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Antenne sirio
Antenne qui permet d\'ajuster le SWR en coupant des brin, nano VNA ou autre appareil de mesure indispensable, bien que les abaques permettent de trouver la dimension des brins à couper pour ajuster l\'accord en fréquence. Pas encore ouvert l\'antenne pour faire l\'adaptation en fréquence. Mais cela parait assez facile.

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