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The MX-72A is an HF VHF UHF duplexer with one N-type plug used as an input and two outputs, one being a PL-259 and the other an N-type plug.

The coaxial cables to which they are connected are 35 cm long. The Diamond MX-72A duplexer is used to connect two different radios in the short wave and UHF frequency range directly to the antenna output with one cable.

Supplied with: 1 Diamond MX-72A duplexer, original warranty.

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Data sheet

  • Low-pass frequency coverage: 1.6-30 MHz + 140-150 MHz
  • High-pass frequency coverage: 400-460 MHz.
  • Low-pass loss: 0.1 dB.
  • Average pass loss: 0.1 dB.
  • High-pass loss: 0.1 dB.
  • Low Pass PEP: 1000 watts.
  • Mid Pass PEP: 400 watts.
  • High Pass PEP: 250 watts.
  • Isolation: 60 dB.
  • Mix connector: N-type, female.
  • Low Pass Connector Type: UHF male, PL-259.
  • High-pass port connector type: N-type, male.

Additional or similar equipment


    HF VHF UHF Duplexer Diamond MX72N. Passband width: LPF/1.6 to 30MHz 49 to 150MHz, HPF/400 to 460MHz (LPF:1.6 to 225MHz, HPF: 340 to 1000MHz receiving only) Power rating: 1.6 to 30MHz: 400W

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    HF VHF UHF Duplexer Diamond MX72H.

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    RF adapteur N Female to UHF (PL-259). Nickelplated.

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  • Adapteur N Male to UHF Female

    RF adapteur N Male to UHF female (SO-239). Nickelplated.

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  • Duplexer HF+50Mhz & VHF-UHF Diamond MX62-N & MX62-M

    Duplexer Diamond MX62N and MX62M, Diamond Japan original warranty, covers from 1.6 to 56MHz for HF bands and from 120 to 470Mhz, in transmission and reception. The MX62N duplexer is perfect to use

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  • HF VHF UHF Triplexer DIAMOND MX-2000N

    Diamond MX-2000N Triplexer HF/50/144/430Mhz with PL-259 (HF and VHF) cable and N (UHF) cabler, Diamond Antenna (Japan) original warranty. Also available the MX2000 version with male UHF connector

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  • Combiner/Splitter COMET CF-416 A and B

    COMET CF-416 duplexer / combiner / splitter, to separate HF/VHF frequencies from 1.3 to 170 Mhz and UHF band 350 to 540 Mhz.Available in 2 versions with PL-259 or N connectors for the UHF band. The

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  • Diamond CMF-2000 common mode filter TVI RF choke

    The Diamond CMF-2000 is a common mode filter that will prevent TVI and EMI CEM interference, caused by the transmission coaxial cable.Usable from 1 to 54 Mhz all bands, HF amateur radio, CB 27 Mhz,

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    129,08 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available in 2 to 3 months
  • Triplexer MX-2000-PWR-N 1.6 -60 / 110-170/350-570MHz, with cable

    Triplexer MX-2000-PWR-N : 1.6 -60 / 110-170/350-570MHZ, with cables. Connector: SO-239 Connectors end cable: 2 x PL-259 + 1 N male - PL-259:  1.6-60MHz     = 800W (PEP) - PL-259: 100-170MHz    = 800W

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    80,75 €tax excl.

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  • Duplexer 1.6-150 Mhz & 400-460MHz with SO-239

    Duplexer 1.6-150 & 400-460MHz, without cable. Connector: SO-239 Connectors: 2 x SO-239 - SO-239: 1.6-30MHz = 1KW (PEP) / 50-150MHz =  400W (PEP) - SO-239: 400-460Mhz = 240W (PEP)  

    45,90 € tax incl.

    38,25 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • Duplexer 1.6-150 Mhz & 400-470MHz with cable

    Duplexer 1.6-150 & 400-470MHz, with low loss cable. Connecteur: SO-239 Connecteurs: 1 x PL-259 + 1 N mâle - SO-239: 1,6-30MHz = 1KW (PEP) / 50-150MHz = 400W (PEP) - N mâle: 400-460Mhz = 240W (PEP)

    53,50 € tax incl.

    44,58 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • DIAMOND-MX72D Duplexer 1.6-30/140-150/400-460 Mhz

    Diamond MX72D duplexer with PL-259 and SO-239 connector. Allows you to connect 1 antenna to 2 transceivers, or vice versa, 1 transceiver to 2 different antennas.Frequency (MHz):

    39,50 € tax incl.

    32,92 €tax excl.

    In stock


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