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Moonraker DPC-S right dipole centre with SO239 for wire antenna

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Moonraker DPC-S straight dipole centre with SO239 for building wire antennas in the HF and VHF bands.

  • Connector: SO239 (UHF female)
  • Power : 500W

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centre dipole pratique et bon marché
Ce petit accessoire permet de construire un dipole économique simple et efficace, en V ou en V inversé peu directionnel donc efficace en local comme en DX sans aucun Balun - Accessoire de trés bonne qualité
rating 5
Jonction dipole
Pratique pour la construction d\'un dipole en portable.

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  • DPC-W Centre for dipole and antenna G5RV twin lead 300 or 450 OHMS Moonraker

    DPC-W Centre for dipole and antenna construction G5RV twin lead 300 or 450 OHMS. Connection: Direct open feed for a 300 or 450 ohm twin lead.

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    6,25 €tax excl.

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  • SO-239 socket for G5RV twin lead 300 or 450 OHMS Moonraker

    Ideal for making a G5RV or long-wire antenna.SO239 End of line plug For use with a 300 or 450 Ohm twin lead 25mm diameter 112mm long with socket Maximum power 100W continuous and 200W PEP

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  • Dog bone Large insulator

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    1,63 €tax excl.

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  • LMA-M Moonraker 7.9m portable telescopic mast

    Telescopic antenna mast, with 6 sections of 1.31m and a diameter of 5cm to 2.5cm, giving a total extension of 7.9m. Ideal for lightweight VHF/UHF antennas.Type: Portable aluminium telescopic mast

    132,50 € tax incl.

    132,50 €tax excl.

    In stock

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