Ham radio online store and SDR shop: Passion Radio Shop

Passion Radio Shop (PR Shop) is an online store for passionate amateur radio communications, particularly specializing in receivers and transmitters by SDR (Software Defined Radio) software radio.

We also offer ready-made or self-assembly, accessories and shields RF, VHF, UHF, WiFi for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, competitively priced kits Electronic radios.

The online store was born from the idea of amateur F1JXQ and which he explains the primary reasons the blog Passion Radio.

It is not to compete with existing stores and boutiques in France, but to provide a complementary offer, offering few products, new or original and affecting in any way the ham radio activity and radio-communication recreation.

Why a new ham radio shop?

  1. Because it is not always easy to buy some hardware in France radio communication,
  2. Because unlike in France some materials sometimes are offered with a very High margin
  3. Because order abroad has discomfort or risk (parcel lost, delayed due to ouveture through customs and taxation "surprise" VAT on arrival
  4. Because one or a magazine for amateur radio, allows the level to maintain or develop the radio activity, provided they make an innovative or original offer shop
  5. Because there is enought space for everybody and one more shop for amateur radio market in France and Europe.

Learn more about our payment methods, delivery time and terms of sale.

We hope you enjoy the products offered, do not hesitate to contact us to recommend a new product or ask us questions.

We make the choice of all-Internet for marketing and managing customers and orders. This is for 3 reasons:

1 - To reduce structural costs and expenses fixed of a physical store,
2 - To maintain low and attractive prices for customers as well as our margin
3 - Because the promotion and Internet presence is very effective and convenient.

We do not have a physical store and only accept orders through our website. Thank you to prioritize communication with us by contact form.

Enjoy your visit at PR Shop!

73 David - F1JXQ - @radioamateur

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