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Komunica 285-VS mobile antenna, 134-174MHz, 5/8, PL View larger
Komunica 285-VS mobile antenna, 134-174MHz, 5/8, PL



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Komunica 285-VS 134-174MHz 5/8 wave mobile antenna PL259

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Komunica 285VS mobile antenna, VHF 134-174MHz, 132cm, reinforced spring, UHF-Male connector (PL-259).

  • Type : 5/8 wave mobile antenna with reinforced spring
  • Gain : 3.4 dB
  • Frequency: VHF 134-174 MHz
  • Maximum power rating: 150W
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Height: 1320 mm
  • Connector: PL-259 (UHF Male)

Delivered with : 1 antenna 285-VS Komunica.

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    74,34 €tax excl.

    78,25 € -5%
    Out of stock, available within 2 to 3 months


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