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M&P Self-tightening silicone seal for connector and coaxial cable

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Self-tightening silicone rubber tubular seal for 7.3mm (.287") or 10.3mm (.400") or 12.7mm (.500") Ø cables, suitable for all Messi and Paoloni connectors and adaptors (except 7/16 and right angle connectors if installed before insertion).

Quickly seals the socket of 50-ohm antennas with down conductors, tightly, hermetically and seamlessly. No tools or heat are required to apply it.

You can also use it inside an electrical cabinet to protect your connections from condensation (extension leads, etc.) or as a strain relief, to increase the tensile strength between the cable and the connector.

Supplied with: a tubular gasket size S (8.2cm x 3.5cm) or L (14.5cm x 3.5cm) to be selected below

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Retains its resilience and pressure even after years of aging and exposure to ultraviolet light, acids, condensation and harsh environments, with an operating temperature range of -60℃ ~ 90℃.

Flammability V-0 burning stops in 10 seconds on a vertical stand.

Operating Instructions:

1) Once the connector is mounted on the down cable to be connected, insert it inside the M&P-Silicone-Seal-S and make sure it will not slip, along the cable (temporarily fix it with tape).

2) After screwing the two connectors firmly together (never overtighten), press the M&P-Silicone-Seal-S firmly against the base of the protruding antenna connector (the red arrow should be pointing downwards, away from the antenna socket).

3) Then, while holding the M&P-Silicone-Seal-S in place, pull on the protruding strip that can be found inside one end of the white plastic support core (following the direction of the red arrow). Make sure that the black silicone rubber on the plastic core is centred on the connectors to be protected, as this operation is not reversible.

See also the Messi & Paoloni YouTube video below.

4) By continuing to pull on the strip (which comes off in a free spiral), the black silicone rubber, deprived of its plastic support, retracts and is definitively fixed on the cable and connectors, embedding them very firmly.

This quick operation, which requires no tools and no heat, is complete, allowing you to operate in cold and windy environments or on top of antenna towers or pylons.


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