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Mobile 145 / 430Mhz Dual Band VR N7500 Bluetooth and Android

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The VGC VR-N7500 BT from VERO Telecom represents a new development in the field of amateur radio transceivers.

It is the first dual-band 145/430Mhz FM analog mobile without screen and fully controlled with a tablet or smartphone.

Thus the VR-N7500 offers a unique design, discreet installation and wireless control from a smartphone, a Bluetooth connection.

It has a power of 40W in UHF and 50W in VHF. robust construction, with a steel case designed to last.

It includes an FM radio, VOX, DTMF functions, CTCSS, 2/5Tone, a morse decoder, update via firmware and possibility of GPS for the APRS (from Android app only).

Thanks to the free Android application, you can control and program all the functions of the VR-N7500, the smartphone screen becomes the radio screen.

Does not work on PC or Windows, only on Android. Version for iOS in development.

Supplied with: 1 VR-N7500-BT, 1 micro speaker with cable, 1 Bluetooth speaker microphone with battery, 1 PTT Bluetooth button, 1 power cable, 1 support bracket, manual in English.

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  • With wired microphone
  • With wired microphone + Bluetooth microphone & PTT


Quick starter guide (EN)

Quick guide and app for VR N7500, in english 701.12k

User manual for N7500

Full user manual for VGC VR N-7500 2.52M

User manual VR-N7500 (FR)

Manual in french for the VGC VR-N7500 BT from VERO Telecom. 2.07M

Quick user guide VR-N7500 (FR)

Quick user guide in French VR-N7500 to connect Bluetooth and Android application. 172.72k

Data sheet

Specifications VGC 7500 Bluetooth

VHF UHF Dual Band / Dual watch
TX / RX: 144-145.999Mhz and 430-439.999Mhz
User programmable RX/TX from app: 136-174mhz and 400-480mhz
Power: UHF 40W and VHF 50W (on amateur band)
Analog FM mode (F3E) and Network mode
Connects to an Android smartphone / tablet
Fully control by the app
Toll-free global walkie-talkie Radio Network (Android only)
Cross-Band Network / Analog Repeater
FM radio 88-108Mhz
Channel scan
CTCSS / DCS encoding / decoding
Speaker port: 3.5mm jack
Firmware update via app
Bluetooth 4.0+
Multiple Bluetooth connections
Bluetooth max distance: 10 meters around
GPS and APRS compatible
DTMF decoder
Morse code decoder
Backlit DTMF handheld microphone with speaker
CE RED certified, 2 year warranty

Application download link:

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