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MMDVM Duplex hotspot Raspberry Pi with Nextion large screen

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BI7JTA's Raspberry Pi duplex MMDVM hotspot is a multimode digital access point: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, POCSAG and NXDN, for the amateur radio bands VHF 144-148Mhz and UHF 430-450Mhz, with 10mW maximum.

It comes complete, fully assembled and tested before shipment, with a PiStar image mounted* on the 8GB SD card provided.

This hotspot is dual-band VHF-UHF, the frequencies are limited to the amateur radio bands by the Pi-Star software.

The DUPLEX version, allows to use in DMR the 2 TimeSlot or to create a mini MMDVM repeater.

Available in 2 versions: 5" (12.7cm) screen or 3.5" (8.89cm) screen

Delivered assembled and tested: 1 duplex HAT hotspot board (version 1.0.1 b3) for Raspberry Pi, 2 433Mhz antennas, 1 acrylic L-shaped support for the Nextion screen, 1 acrylic protection panel for the MMDVM Duplex HAT board, 1 8GB SD memory card with mounted Pi-Star image, 1 Nextion screen (5" ou 3.5"), 1 Raspberry Pi 3B, 1 USB power cable, tablecloths and screws. Fully assembled and tested.

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  • 3.5" (8.89cm)
  • 5" (12.7cm)

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Hotspot MMDVM Duplex manual (EN)

User guide v2020_12_23 in english by Winters de B7JTA. 1.8M

Data sheet

MMDVM duplex hotspot configuration

1 - Connect the USB power cable and the RJ45 network cable to the Raspberry PI
2 - The IP address will be assigned by DHCP via the router of the internet box and displayed on the screen, eg. 192.168.xxx.xxx
3 - From a Chrome or Firefox browser, connect to the IP address indicated on http://192.168.xxx.xxx or directly from the address http://pi-star
4 - Go to the PiStar configuration page: http://pi-star/admin/configure.php
5 - Enter the username: pi-star and the password: raspberry
6 - Configure your callsign, your DMR ID, the frequency, the servers and digital modes to use (BM server, YSF reflector, etc.) see below*
7 - Configure the SSID and password of the WIFI network to use
8 - Save the configuration then disconnect the RJ45 cable, switch off and on the MMDVM duplex hotspot
9 - Configure your DMR radio or other mode, depending on the digital network to use, see below*

* Programming is to be performed by the user depending on the digital network used. Passion Radio does not provide programming support, you must contact the administrator of the network used in the event of a connection problem to their network (Brandmeister, IPSC2 France3, HBlink, YSF, D-Star, P25, NXDN, etc.).

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