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DMR & FM Handheld TYT MD-380 VHF / UHF

DMR handheld ideal to start in digital mode, TYT MD-380 is an analogue FM and digital HT available either in single-band UHF 400-480MHz with 4 watts (real) or in single-band VHF from 136-174Mhz with 5 watts and now in dual-band VHF+UHF!

Compatible MOTOTRBO, Tier I and Tier II, with repeaters and DMR devices Hytera & Motorola and the DMR Brandmeister network. Color LCD display and keypad.

Comes complete with: 1 TYT MD-380, single-band VHF, UHF or Dual-band VHF+UHF, 1 AC Desktop Charger (EU plug), 1 battery (Li-ion 7.2V 2000mAh), 1 antenna (or 2 for dualband version), 1 belt clip, english manual and USB programmation cable genuine TYT included and 2 years warranty.

The TYT MD-380/380UV uses a standard connector Kenwood 2-pin (K1) for headset (in option).

The antenna connector on the portable is SMA female.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user. Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other. It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.

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129,00 € tax incl.

In stock

  • VHF - 136-174Mhz
  • UHF 400-480Mhz
  • Dual-Band VHF+UHF
  • Dualband VHF+UHF+GPS


Codeplug editor BETA

Experimental codeplug editor software for TYT MD-380 and MD-390 (with and without GPS) 542.21k

CPS software 1.12 MD-380UV/390UV

TYT codeplug CPS editor for Windows and MD-380UV and MD-390UV, dual-band only. 1.81M

Software CPS TYT 1.41 MD-380/390

Windows TYT 1.41 CPS programming software and codeplug editor for MD-380 and MD-390 single-band. 1.74M

Drivers for USB TYT cable

For Windows 7, XP, Vista 1.16M

Firmware TYT MD380/390 D15.01

Update may 2019 firmware D15.01 for MD-380 and MD-390 single-band new vocoder without GPS 974.5k

Firmware MD380/390 GPS S15.04

Update March 2020 firmware S15.04 for MD-380 and MD-390 with GPS and new vocoder. 946.42k

Firmware MD-380UV/390UV 17.05

Version 17.05 - Juin 2018 for MD-380UV or MD-390UV (dualband) 11.01M

Firmware MD-380UV/390UV 18.11

Version 18.11 - October 2019 for MD-380UV and MD-390UV dualband only 6.8M

Firmware MD-380UV/390UV 18.16

Version 18.16 - March 2020 for MD-380UV or MD-390UV dualband only 6.83M

Data sheet

TYT MD-380 main functions 

- Compatible MOTOTRBO Tier I & II
- Compatible DMR Brandmeister
- Dual mode : FM analog and digital DMR
- Digital TDMA which doubles the number of users on a single frequency
- Complies with the 12.5KHz step
- DMR digital protocol
- Private call, group call, all calls
- 1750hz tone
- Scan function
- Batterry 2000 mAh
- 1000 programables channels
- English Voice
- 2 power mode: low 1W, High 4-5W
- Encryption

2 years warranty and CE.

Technical specifications TYT MD380UV

- Power: 5 watts minimum and minimum 1 watt
- Vocoder: AMBE+2TM
- Frequency: UHF 400MHz to 480MHz and/or VHF 136-174Mhz
- Frequency stability: +-2.5 PPM
- Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
- Operating temperature: -30 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
- Audio High Power Speaker: 1W
- Antenna connector: SMA Female
- Dimension: 128mm x 61mm x 38mm
- Weight: 258g

Reminder: The use of any radio transmission apparatus and walkie-talkie TYT MD-380/MD-380UV is subject to the respect by the user of the frequencies and the legislation in force and requires a radio license to be used legally.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user.

Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other.

It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.


  • SMA Male UHF Female Adapter (SO-239)

    SMA Male UHF Female (SO-239) Adapter.

    5,00 €
    In stock
  • Antenna SMA-M 2m/70cm + scanner 118-900Mz Yaesu TYT Wouxun

    Dual-band antenna diamond SRH701 for transmitting and receiving on 144/430MHz (2m/70cm), and receiving only for 120/150/300/450/900MHz bands for Yaesu, TYT (Tytera) and Wouxun handheld and

    15,90 €
    In stock
  • Antenna HT Diamond SRH-771 2m/70cm SMA-M for Yaesu Wouxun ICOM

    Dual band antenna 2m / 70cm, original Diamond SRH771 with SMA Male connector, compatible with the walkie-talkie dual band Yaesu, Wouxun and ICOM. This antenna is compatible with all VHF / UHF

    16,90 €
    In stock
  • TYT hand microphone for TH-UV88 MD-380 & MD-390

    Genuine TYT remote hand microphone with speaker for TH-UV88, MD-380 & MD-390 handheld and also compatible for Baofeng UV-5R, UV-6R (but not work with UV-82 & UV-3R), and with others handhelds

    12,90 €
    In stock
  • Power 12v cable TYT MD-380

    Plug power cable 12v cigarette lighter, genuine Tytera and compatible with the walkie-talkie radio digital DMR Tytera TYT MD-380. This is a battery eliminator for powering the portable Tytera MD-380,

    9,90 €
    In stock
  • Genuine programming cable TYT MD-380 & 390

    Programming cable genuine TYT and compatible with all walkie-talkie radio digital DMR TYT MD-280, 380, 390 and MD-446. Comes with : USB cable without CD (software to download below)

    8,90 €
    In stock
  • Leather case for MD-380

    Leather case to protect and carry the portable digital radio DMR Tytera TYT MD-380. Do not fot with TYT MD-390. This case has a plastic window for viewing the screen and keypad of Tytera and also

    8,90 €
    In stock
  • Micro-headset TYT for TH-UV88 MD-380 & MD-390

    Genuine TYT earpiece with remote microphone (micro-headset) for TH-UV88 FM analog walkie-talkie and digital radio handheld DMR TYT MD-380 and MD-390. The point to point spacing between 3.5mm jack

    9,90 €
    In stock
  • Battery 2000mAh for TYT MD-380/380G

    Genuine battery for handheld radio digital DMR Tytera TYT MD-380, capacity of 2000mAh, in 7.4V. Our batteries Tytera come with a belt clip.Comes with: Genuine TYT Battery 7.4V 2000mAh, with belt

    12,90 €
    Out of stock
  • Waterproof DMR Handheld TYT MD-390 singleband UHF / DMR+FM

    The walkie-talkie TYT MD-390 is a conventional FM (analog) and a digital DMR radio compatible Tier 1 & 2 (with Motorbro Motorola and Hytera), Waterproof (IP67), 2200mAh battery, with new vocoder

    145,00 €
    In stock
  • DMR & FM Handheld TYT MD-280 VHF 136-174Mhz

    Talkie-Walkie, genuine TYT MD-280 analog FM and digital DMR, single-band VHF in reception and transmitting from 136 to 174MHz with 5 watts. Compatible with Mototrbo, Tier I and Tier II, and TDMA (2

    105,00 €
    In stock
  • TYT MD-2017 Dual-Band VHF+UHF FM+DMR

    The new TYT MD-2017 new version handheld is one of the first dual-band VHF and UHF, for analog FM and digital DMR mode, compatible Tier 1 & 2, TDMA (2 TimeSlot), Motorbro, Hytera.Waterproof (IP67

    159,00 €
    In stock
  • Walkie Talkie Belt Case Baofeng Yaesu Kenwood Icom

    Resistant fabric case, made in the United States, to carry a walkie-talkie on the belt. Available in 5 different sizes to suit all brands and models of walkie-talkie as for example: Icom, Kenwood,

    12,90 €
    In stock
  • Desktop charger for TYT MD-380

    Desktop charger with power for the DMR TYT MD-380 digital walkie-talkie. TYT genuine guarantee material.

    9,90 €
    In stock
  • POCSAG GP2009N Pager VHF or UHF for DAPNET

    The pager GP2009N receives and displays alphanumeric messages and/or receives and announces voice messages. It vibrates and beeps or flashes to attract attention. Available in 2 versions for amateur

    71,10 € 79,00 € -10%
    Product available with different options
  • MMDVM Nano Hotspot DMR D-Star C4FM POCSAG P25 NXDN

    The Nano Hotspot is supplied assembled and tested before sending, it allows to have a digital access point MMDVM like: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, NXDN & POCSAG for UHF 430-440Mhz amateur radio band.

    145,00 €
    Out of stock
  • Anytone DMR AT-D878UV 144-430Mhz GPS VFO Bluetooth

    The new Anytone AT-D878UV is a VHF and UHF dual-band walkie-talkie, FM and DMR digital analog, Tier I & II compatible, Motorbro and Hytera, TDMA (2 TimeSlot), VFO button, GPS with APRS FM and DMR

    189,00 €
    In stock
  • Harness / Universal Holster for walkie talkie

    Codura Nylon walkie-talkie harness, made in the USA, allows you to wear radio equipment on the front at the shoulder.Holster available in 2 pocket sizes for the walkie-talkie S for small walkie talkie

    37,90 €
    Out of stock
  • MMDVM Duplex hotspot Raspberry Pi with Nextion large screen

    BI7JTA's Raspberry Pi duplex MMDVM hotspot is a multimode digital access point: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, POCSAG and NXDN, for the amateur radio bands VHF 144-148Mhz and UHF 430-450Mhz, with 10mW


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