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X1-HF Moonraker 1-50 MHz SO239 vertical antenna with 10m cable

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X1-HF 1-50 MHz vertical receiving antenna complete with PL259-SMA male 10m cable.

This antenna features internally charged wire traps that provide an excellent alternative to a long wire. Ideal for short-wave listening with limited space - easy to assemble and use.

  • Type: vertical HF with helical loading
  • Receive frequency: 1-50MHz
  • Length: 200cm
  • Radiation-free
  • Mast: Up to 37mm
  • Connection: SO239
  • Cable: Supplied complete with 10m RG58 PL259 (UHF male) to SMA male

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Data sheet

The SPX100 antenna covers all bands including the WARC bands from 80 to 6m with 5W guaranteed and 25W max. When fully extended, it measures approximately 1.54m. It has a 3/8 connector and is supplied with two adapters: 3/8 to PL-259 and 3/8 to BNC Male.

Tape changes are made by plugging the banana plug into the appropriate socket on the base reel and fine adjustments are made using the 10-section telescopic whip for the best VSWR.

The whip unscrews from the base matching coil so that it measures only 30cm when folded.

Frequency adjustment

The telescopic lengths listed below are for the lowest frequency in the band and with a counterweight wire connected to the radio.

The best length for the counterpoise is a quarter (1/4) wavelength in the transmit band.

The formula for calculating wavelength in metres as a function of frequency is: 300 / frequency in MHz

80m band
No jumper connected - Approximate telescopic length 124.5cm

60m band
No jumper connected - Approximate telescopic length 38cm

40m band
No1 connected to No2 - Approximate telescopic length 110.5cm

30m band
No1 connected to No2 - Approximate telescopic length 38cm

Band 20m
No1 connected to No3 - Approximate telescopic length 90cm

Band 17m
No1 connected to No3 - Approximate telescopic length 51.5cm

15m strip
No1 connected to No3 - Approximate telescopic length 104cm

Band 12m
No1 Connected to No4 - Approximate telescopic length 67cm

Band 10m
No1 connected to No5 - Approximate telescopic length 81cm

6m band
No1 connected to No6 - Approximate telescopic length 75cm

The use of a tuner may be necessary on certain HF bands, particularly bands below 14 MHz.


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Très satisfait
J\'ai reçu l\'antenne rapidement bien emballé vers l\'île de la Réunion. Je remercie toute l\'équiqe de PASSION-RADIO.

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