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Loop HF antenna HamGeek QRP 5-30MHz + VHF UHF 20W HG-20A

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HamGeek HG-20A 20W Loop Antenna for HF QRP, for transmitting and receiving, as with the ICOM-705 transceiver.

Small, portable loop antenna, quick and easy to install with your shortwave transceiver and in limited space conditions to enjoy multiband HF, VHF and UHF transmission and reception, outdoors and indoors.

  • HF: 5~30MHz
  • Power: 20W
  • SWR: <1.2 (7MHz, 10MHz, 14MHz, 21MHz and 29MHz)
  • FM: 76~108MHz
  • VHF + Aviation Band : 110~150MHz
  • UHF : 400~450MHz

This loop antenna can be mounted on any standard photo tripod with 1/4" screws.

Package Included: 1 x Set of Loop Antenna. Tripod stand is not included.

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rating 5
Matériel de qualité sera testé dans les prochains jours
rating 5
Antenne LOOP
Merci je suis très satisfait de mon achat, la livraison fut rapide, un emballage parfait.
Bruno - F1TRN
rating 4
Parfait, mais manque une documentation
Très bonne antenne, mais il manque un peu de documentation pour comprendre son fonctionnement, un schémas une table de correspondance, enfin la base... mais sinon cette antenne est très étonnante en terme de performance.
rating 5
Excellent rapport qualité/prix. L\'antenne s\'accorde très rapidement et les résultats sont au rendez-vous !!!! A conseiller pour le portable ou les OM\'S vivant en appartement et privés d\'antenne extérieure !!!
rating 5
Antenne loop pour Icom 705
Antenne conforme à la description.
Les accords sont très bien sur les bandes amateurs.

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    Reinforced desktop microphone mounting bracket with 1/4 adapter screw for wired or wireless microphoneSpecification:- Maximum opening of bracket: 55mm- Thickness of bracket stable and tight: 22mm ~

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  • WINDCAMP RC-2 Antenna Support for ICOM IC-705

    The RC-2 is a compact antenna support designed for ICOM IC-705 QRP portable transceiver. It is made of aluminum alloy by CNC machine tools, and can be easily connected to small GP antennas (such as

    29,55 € tax incl.

    29,55 €tax excl.

    31,10 € -5%
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  • WINDCAMP IC-705 DC Power Cable

    Windcamp Cable specially designed for ICOM IC-705 radios, with a length of 1 meter, this cable ensures a reliable, solid connection between your radio and other compatible devices.

    6,73 € tax incl.

    6,73 €tax excl.

    7,08 € -5%
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  • WINDCAMP ICOM IC-705 Power Anderson Cable

    1.0m in length, for ICOM IC-705 and Power Anderson compatible cable.

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  • AlexLoop HamPack QRP portable magnetic LOOP antenna with backpack

    The AlexLoop HamPack antenna (latest version) is a portable magnetic loop antenna designed for use on amateur radio bands from 10m to 40m and in QRP 25W max. in SSB. It offers an effective solution

    569,25 € tax incl.

    569,25 €tax excl.

    632,50 € -10%
    In stock

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