Midland XT70 PMR446 & LPD433 Walkie-Talkie

The license-free MIDLAND XT70 walkie-talkies are PMR446 approved with 8 channels PMR446 with a power of 500mW and a fixed antenna (not removable). Comes in a Midland suitcase ready to go for outdoor activities.

- Usable without radio license
- 24 (8 PMR 446 + 16 CTCSS channels)
- 69 LPD433Mhz
- Battery 1000 mAh
- USB charging
- Autonomy: 13-15h approximately
- Function: Vox, CTCSS, SCAN
- Maximum range PMR446: 500 meters / 1 km in covered area and up to 5 km in very clear area (in direct view or in height)

Comes with: 2 Midland XT-70 radio with belt clip, 2 rechargeable batteries, USB cable, 1 wall adapter, 2 MA21L earphones.


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    Specifications midand xt-70

    Frequency: 446.00625 - 446.09375
    Channels: 24 (8 PMR446 + 16 pre-programmed CTCSS)
    Channels : 69 LPD433
    Usable without radio license
    38 CTCSS tones
    Power: 500 mW ERP
    Vox function
    Alphanumeric LCD display
    Call tone
    Scan function
    Battery 1000 mAh (rechargeable)
    Operating temperature -20° to + 55°
    Weight: 103g
    Dimensions: 54x33x103mm
    CE RED certified and 2 years warranty

    The 8 accredited PMR446 channels

    1 446.00625 Mhz
    2,446.01875 Mhz
    3 446.03125 Mhz
    4 446.04375 Mhz
    5 446.05625 Mhz
    6 446.06875 Mhz
    7,446.08125 Mhz
    8 446.09375 Mhz

    These PMR 446 frequencies are in free use and no radio license is required to use the MIDLAND-XT70 Adventure.



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    Midland XT70 PMR446 & LPD433 Walkie-Talkie

    Midland XT70 PMR446 & LPD433 Walkie-Talkie

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    • Product: Midland XT70 PMR446 & LPD433 Walkie-Talkie
    • SKU: MIDLAND-XT70-633
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