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Modular portable antenna 160M - 6M Chameleon MPAS 2.0 + backpack

The portable and modular antenna CHAMELEON MPAS 2.0 (Modular Portable Antenna System) is a concept allowing the radio operator to configure and deploy an antenna system in numerous configurations and from 160M to 6M (1.8 to 54MHZ).

This version 2.0 includes the CHA MIL 2.0 whip and the CHA MIL EXT 2.0, plus the wire needed for a wide range of possible antenna configurations: Vertical, Horizontal, Sloper, Inverted V, Inverted L, NVIS, Balcony, Stationary Vehicle and in laptop.

The CHA MPAS 2.0 is perfect for preparing for emergency communication situations. It is also the antenna for radio amateurs who enjoy camping, hiking, SOTA, biking, or other types of outdoor recreation that require communication equipment that is both efficient and highly portable.

With backpack included.

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565,00 € tax incl.

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Pack content

  • CHA Coaxial (Integrated RFI Choke) Chameleon Ant
    79,00 € In stock

    Reference: CHA-ANT-COAXRFICHOKE-1552

    1 x RG58 coaxial cable 15m with integrated RFI Choke Chameleon COAX RFI CHOKE

    Chameleon COAX RFI CHOKE: 15m RG58 coaxial cable with integrated RFI Choke. 15 meters of RG-58A cable PL-259 Connectors (UHF Male) Maximum power: 300W SSB RFI Choke integrated into RG58 coaxial cable

    79,00 €
  • CHA Spike Mount Chameleon Ant
    52,90 € In stock

    Reference: CHA-ANT-SPIKE-MOUNT-1553

    1 x Chameleon CHA MPAS 2.0 and CHA HYBRID antenna mounting post

    The CHA SPIKE MOUNT is an innovative product made by Chameleon Antenna, it is a heavy duty, precision manufactured stainless steel stake with a 3/8 '' 24 fitting to secure the base of the Chameleon

    52,90 €
  • CHA SS17 Chameleon Ant
    136,00 € In stock

    Reference: CHA-ANT-MIL-1557

    1 x 26-54MHz CHA MIL 2.0 antenna whip for Chameleon CHA MPAS 2.0 antenna

    The Chameleon MIL 2.0 Whip Antenna is a broadband monopoly antenna designed for portable or handheld radios requiring compact but rugged antenna systems. Used stand-alone, the antenna covers 26-54 MHz

    136,00 €
  • CHA MIL EXT 2.0
    147,00 € In stock

    Reference: CHA-ANT-MILEXT-1558

    1 x CHA MIL EXT 12-54 MHz whip for Chameleon CHA MPAS 2.0 antenna

    The CHA MIL EXT 2.0 antenna whip has been designed to provide maximum portability and performance for those who already use the CHA MIL 2.0 portable whip for the man-pack antenna system. This foldable

    147,00 €
  • CHA BACK PACK Chameleon Ant
    57,00 € In stock

    Reference: CHA-ANT-BPACK-1559

    1 x Chameleon Back Pack radio antenna backpack

    The CHA BPACK is Chameleon Antenna's backpack: built to last, configurable according to your needs, ergonomic, with internal and external storage. It is designed to support radio operators of all

    57,00 €


Data sheet

  • Frequency: 160M - 6M (all configurations require a wide range antenna tuner)
  • Maximum power: 100W SSB or 50W CW
  • Mounting configuration: 3 / 8-24 thread

The MPAS 2.0 antenna system consists of:

  • 1 X CHA HYBRID-MICRO (2 nuts 3 / 8-24 SS)
  • 1 X 22m wire
  • 1 X 7.50m wire
  • 1 X CHA MIL 2.0 (2.80m in length)
  • 1 X CHA MIL EXT 2.0 (2.65m length)
  • 1 X CHA Coaxial with Choke RFI of 15m with PL-259 (UHF Male)
  • 1x CHA-BACKPACK Backpack




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