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Delta Loop 80-6M Chameleon tactical antenna compatible with EMCOMM and NVIS

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The Tactical Delta Loop antenna pack (CHA TDL), is an antenna for HF bands, can be bulky and specially designed to install quickly. Works on all amateur radio bands from 3.5 to 54.0 MHz (80-6M), and more particularly suitable for the bands from 10.1 to 54.0 MHz (30-6M).

The Tactical Delta Loop also allows use in NVIS mode for short range needs on the 3.5-7.0 MHz (80 - 40M) bands, making it a useful backup EMCOMM antenna.

The Delta Loop tactical antenna is made up of two 4.15m telescopic whip antennas, a balun, a 7.5m loop wire, a stake holder and a "V" coupling.

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Data sheet

The Tactical Delta Loop can easily be configured as a horizontally polarized inverted Delta Loop or as a ground mounted vertical antenna. The advantages are increased efficiency, reduced noise and wide directivity. An antenna coupler is required for operation on the 3.5-7.0 MHz (80-40M) amateur bands.


  • Frequency: 6M - 80M
  • Power: 100 SSB or 50W CW.
  • Mounting configuration: 3 / 8-24 thread
  • Stainless steel material
  • Made in the USA

The antenna pack consists of:

1 X 7.50m wire
2 X SS17 (17 'long stainless steel collapsible whisk)
1 X CHA TDL HUB Adapter


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rating 5
Not cheap but worth the price
Quality components, works as advertised. Mounting it off ground enhances the performance.

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