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Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T RTL-SDR stick CLE-RTLSDR-V3-472 View larger

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Dongle V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T USB stick with R860 tuner

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This USB stick is the optimized V3 version of, with the R860 tuner chip (exactly the same as R820T2*) for reception from 24 to 1766 MHz.

The characteristics of the dongle v3:

- TCXO at 1 PPM (better stability and precision in frequencies)
- SMA female antenna connector
- Realtek RTL2832U Chipset + R860 Tuner (ex. R820T2)
- Power supply Bias-T 4.5V via SMA, allows to power an LNA or an active antenna by coaxial cable
- Aluminum case with passive cooling
- Experimental: HF Direct Sampling mode for listening to strong signals from 500 kHz to 24 MHz

Antenna kit (option): 1 dipole antenna support with 60cm of RG174 cable, 2 telescopic antennas (23cm to 1m), 2 telescopic antennas (5 to 13cm), a 3m extension RG174, a flexible tripod and a suction cup.

Comes with: 1 Dongle V3 (without antenna or CD) and antenna kit in option.

Add all HF bands with converter Ham It Up to listen anywhere from 0.5 to 50Mhz

Other similar SDR stick model: Nooelec NESDR SMART

* New black case version: The dongle is now equipped with a black case instead of the grey case, and with R860 tuner which is the new name of the R820T2 chip. There is no other difference, neither in performances, nor in functions between the 2 versions of boxes (grey and black) and the 2 tuners chipset.

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Zadig 2.8 Windows drivers

RTL-SDR drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11. Check the latest version on: 5M

Drivers Zadig 2.2 XP

Drivers RTL-SDR for Windows XP 5.07M

Guide V3 (EN)

User manual, datasheet and configuration dongle RTL-SDR V3 964.76k

.DLL ExtIO RTL2832

DLL file to be placed at the SDR software root - December 2016 121.98k

HDSDR software Win

HDSDR for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 - January 2017 1.67M

Data sheet V3 dongle features

- TCXO 1 PPM (temperature compensated oscillator)
- Female SMA antenna connector, instead of the usual MCX connector
- Chipset Realtek RTL2832U + Tuner R860 (former R820T2), more sensitive than the old version R820T
- 100% compatible with all SDR software
- Improved tolerance of components
- Power supply Bias-T 4.5V via SMA (see user guide V3), this allows to power an LNA or an active antenna via the coaxial cable
- Aluminum housing with passive cooling via a thermal buffer
- Experimental: HF Direct Sampling mode for listening to very strong signals from 500 kHz to 24 MHz via direct sampling

Choice of antenna for SDR reception

To get the most out of the dongle in scanner mode, it is necessary to adapt the antenna to the listening frequencies (VHF / UHF) and place it outside on the edge of a window At minima and ideally the highest and unobstructed possible on a mat and a roof of house or car.

Find our range of wide-band and discone antennas, and mounting brackets available and accessories for SDR use.

Configuration and Guide V3

The RTL-SDR V3 dongle installation and configuration is the same way as for any RTL2832 dongle, by installing the drivers with the Zadig software and then installing the SDR software of your choice : SDRUno, HDSDR, SDRSharp, CubicSDR, GNUradio, GQRX.

The V3 version offers 3 additional functions: HF Direct Sampling Mode, Bias-T and software-adjustable clock, see the guide RTL-SDR V3 below to download.

  • Pigtail SMA Male - SMA Male 15/50/100cm Passion Radio SMA PIGTAIL-SMA-M-81
    3,96 € 4,17 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: PIGTAIL-SMA-M-SMA-M-81

    Pigtail SMA Male - SMA Male 15/30/50/100cm RG316

    SMA Male to SMA Male pigtail adapter, for connecting a card, for example converter Ham it upconverter card to the SDR transceiver HackRF One SDR transceiver, or the SDRPlay broadband receiverwideband

    3,96 €

    4,17 €

    Reduced price!
  • LNA Wide Band 50-4000Mhz RTL-SDR
    22,09 € 23,25 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: RTLSDR-LNA2-WIDEBAND-764

    LNA Wide Band 50-4000Mhz RTL-SDR

    This wide-band LNA preamp improves reception performance from 50 Mhz to 4 Ghz, it is based on SPF5189Z, with a noise factor of less than 1 dB.This LNA is designed to be powered by BIAS-T with a power

    22,09 €

    23,25 €

    Reduced price!
  • Telescopic dipole VHF-UHF antenna set for SDR
    7,92 € 8,33 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: ANT-KIT-RTLSDR-598

    Telescopic dipole VHF-UHF antenna set for SDR

    VHF-UHF telescopic dipole antenna pack for SDR reception and with a flexible tripod and suction pad. This antenna set includes 1 dipole antenna support with 60cm of cable and with male SMA connector,

    7,92 €

    8,33 €

    Reduced price!
  • Low-loss coaxial cable with 2X SMA Male Passion Radio CABLE-COAXIAL-SMA-M-1M-302
    7,05 € 7,42 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: CABLE-COAXIAL-SMA-M-1M-302

    KSR195 Low Loss Coaxial Cable Extension with 2X SMA Male

    SMA Male to SMA Male cable with KSR195 low-loss 50 ohm coaxial cable for use from 0 to 6Ghz. Available lengths: 0.5m (50cm), 1, 3 or 5 metresConnector 1: SMA MaleConnector 2: SMA Male

    7,05 €

    7,42 €

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rating 5
Clé sdr
Bien reçu.
C\'est pour un cadeau.
rating 5
Pas encore utilisé
Présentation sérieuse reste à utiliser
rating 5
rating 5
Livraison très rapide.
rating 5
Clé sdr
Envoi très rapide, super produit bonne réception avec les bonnes antennes.
rating 5
Tip Top!
Bon Matériel . Fonctionne correctement à condition d\'avoir \"LA\" bonne antenne. Chauffe un peu mais il semble que ce soit normal.
rating 5
Tuner R860

Le d'ongle fonctionne parfaitement..
Il chauffe un peut mais c'est normal.

rating 5
Que du plaisir
Semble plus sensible et précis en fréquence que le E4000 ;
je ne sais si il va résister longtemps car en fonction h24 et est chaud , demanderait un radiateur externe à adapter .
rating 5
Dongle RTL SDR
Produit original...mais pas encore essayé problème de driver sur mon pc
rating 5
Très bon produit, idéal pour débuter
rating 5
rating 5
Très bien livré et au meilleur prix
La concurrence avec ses offres abracadabrantesques n\'a qu\'à bien se tenir !
rating 5
Dongle rtl
rating 5
Parfait pour débuter
Produit original en version 3 améliorée
rating 5
Réception très rapide !
Très bon produit et livraison rapide: parfait !
rating 5
Dongle V3 TCXO

Reçu conforme à la commande
Et rapidement

rating 5

Excellent product it works as it says.

rating 5

Configuré, à suivre dans la semaine...

rating 5
Excellent value product.

This is a great starter kit for anyone wishing to explore the radio spectrum, from a hobby point of view or for school science projects etc.

rating 5
très stable en fréquence

très bon produit, très stable en fréquence. le bias T fonctionne parfaitement.

rating 5

Pour l’instant en cours d’essai, mais le résultat semble satisfaisant

rating 5

What can I say about this product other then doing his job as expected and really good product.

rating 5
Mon premier SDR

Mon premier SDR , super petit machin :-)
Infos sur ma page

rating 5
Sans antenne

RAS fonctionne plutôt bien

rating 5
RTL-SDR Radio Dongle (RTL2832U R860)

Very pleased with the RTL-SDR Dongle and now have it up and running using the information from the RTL website as suggested on your product webpage. This receiver will be of great use/help to me when building testing my radio equipment. Thanks.

rating 5

produit utilsé pour recevoir les carte NOAA, fonctionne tres bien.

rating 5

Pour avoir le maxi de resultat il faut une antenne extérieur

rating 5
Rien à redire.

C'est très bien, conforme à la description, matériel correct. Envoi rapide ( j'ai payé pour ça ) et tout a été respecté. Merci.

rating 4.5
Très bonne Clé envoie rapide
rating 5
Dongle RTL-SDR V3 TCXO + SMA + Bias-T - Antenne :
Trop tôt pour évaluer le dongle (pas encore branché), mais je suis confiant et également conscient de ses limites.
L\'antenne semble être de bonne qualité ainsi que les accessoires (trépied, ventouse et câbles)
rating 5
Le meilleur

C'est déjà mon troisième rtl sdr V3
Du super matériel
Je recommande fortement

rating 5
Très bien
Produit conforme à mes attentes, prix très compétitif, livraison rapide.
rating 5
Complet et de bonne qualité
Complet et de bonne qualité
rating 5
Au top
Dès réception et après réglage des logiciels au top.
Fonctionne parfaitement. Je recommande.
Dommage que le preampli Nooelec conseiller ne fonctionne pas avec.
rating 5
l\'objet répond à la description et fonctionne parfaitement
rating 5
Appareil non reconnu par mon raspberry... En l\'état, il ne me permet pas de détecter les cibles AIS.
rating 5
Fonctionne parfaitement
rating 5

Ayant deja un dongle RTL SDR j'ai voulu en acheter un autre pour le voyage et j'en suis tres satisfait bon produit et conforme au produit RTL 232 ce n'est pas une copie !

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    This Nooelec USB RTL-SDR stick is equipped with the Realtek chipset RTL2832U and E4000 tuner offering a wider frequency coverage than R820T2.  Antenna connection in MCX female on the dongle.

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  • Nooelec NESDR Smart V5 R820T2 SDR key + TCXO + Box + SMA antenna (optional)

    The key NESDR SMART v5 is the new and improved version of the famous USB RTL-SDR dongle with the RTL2832U chipset and the R820T2/R860tuner, to receive all frequencies without gaps from 100kHz to

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  • Broadcast FM Band Cut filter by

    This band-cut filter is design by, it blocks and reject broadcast FM band between 88 to 108 MHz with over 50dB of attenuation. Insertion loss is less than 0.5 dB between 0-1 GHz, and less

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    19,40 €tax excl.

    20,42 € -5%
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  • Telescopic dipole VHF-UHF antenna set for SDR

    VHF-UHF telescopic dipole antenna pack for SDR reception and with a flexible tripod and suction pad. This antenna set includes 1 dipole antenna support with 60cm of cable and with male SMA connector,

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    7,92 €tax excl.

    8,33 € -5%
    In stock
  • Pack Start ADS-B 1090Mhz SDR portable reception

    The Start ADS-B pack allows you to have a portable station for receiving ADS-B messages from aircraft and to follow their movements on a map in real time, via a Windows or Linux computer.Included in

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    45,75 €tax excl.

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  • Nooelec LaNA LNA preamp 20MHz - 4GHz + case + USB DC Bias-T

    Nooelec's LANA is a high-gain, 20 MHz - 4 GHz wide band LNA amplifier for SDR applications, with low power consumption and better linearity than the SPF5189Z LNA.The LaNa has 3 different power

    39,50 € tax incl.

    39,50 €tax excl.

    41,58 € -5%
    In stock
  • Active Loop antenna MLA-30 Plus MegaLoop 500 Khz - 30 Mhz

    MLA-30 Plus magnetic loop active antenna for receiving HF bands from 500 kHz to 30 MHz.The MLA-30+ antenna can be used with the RTL-SDR V3 stick in direct conversion mode, with the Ham it up

    39,50 € tax incl.

    39,50 €tax excl.

    41,58 € -5%
    In stock
  • Deluxe Plus Passion Radio SDR Pack V4 with TCXO

    The Passion Radio SDR Deluxe Plus V4 pack provides reception coverage between 0.5 to 1766 MHz from a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux.This V4 version of the pack includes:- 1 V3

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  • Nooelec VHF-UHF telescopic antenna kit for SDR

    Nooelec VHF-UHF antenna pack for SDR reception on VHF and UHF bands, supplied with a magnetic base, 2m RG58 coaxial cable with male SMA connector and 3 antenna strands to screw on the base:1

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  • Nooelec NESDR SMArTee v2 R820T2 dongle SDR + TCXO + Case + SMA + Bias-Tee

    The NESDR SMARTee v2 is the version with the Bias-Tee function in addition to the NESDR Smart V4, equipped with the RTL2832U chipset and the R820T2 tuner which can receive from 25 to 1750MHz (without

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  • V4 TCXO USB key + SMA + Bias-T + R828D tuner 500kHz - 1766MHz

    The V4 USB SDR key incorporates the R828D tuner (instead of the R860 in V3) for reception from 500kHz to 1766 MHz.TCXO at 1 PPM Female SMA antenna connector Realtek RTL2832U chipset +

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    32,38 €tax excl.

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  • Ham It Up Plus V2 Nooelec UpConverter SDR HF 0.3 to 65MHz with TCXO & box

    RF converter (ULF/VLF/LF/MF/HF) for HF frequencies from 0.3 to 65 MHz and SDR (Software Defined Radio) devices such as NESDR keys, RTL-SDR, HackRF, or any VHF or SDR receiver covering the 125MHz to

    78,38 € tax incl.

    78,38 €tax excl.

    82,50 € -5%
    In stock
  • Balun One Nine v2 HF 9:1 Nooelec with aluminium housing

    Small 9:1 balun/unun (38 mm x 25.0 mm) designed to connect long wires and HF dipole antennas to your SDR HF radio, radio or Ham It Up HF upconverter. Assembled in a bespoke aluminium housing, it

    25,65 € tax incl.

    25,65 €tax excl.

    27,00 € -5%
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  • Ham It Up Nano 100kHz-65MHz HF Upconverter with TCXO Bias-Tee power supply unit

    The Ham It Up Nano is an HF upconverter that lets you extend the range of your favourite SDR or radio to at least 100kHz. It is compatible with any radio capable of operating on 125MHz-190MHz (to use

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