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Chameleon Antenna manufactures high quality antennas that adapt to your changing needs and blend into multiple environments.

Chameleon Antennas' range of antennas are perfect for tight terrain and rapid deployment communication systems. They can be used for just about anything you can imagine: mobile, portable, base station, marine, emergency communications preparedness (EMCOMM, FR-EMCOM, ADRASEC, Protection and Civil Security).


  • CHA MPAS 2.0 Chameleon Ant
    561,75 € 624,17 € tax excl. -10%tax excl. Material no longer available


    Reference: CHA-ANT-PACK-MPAS-BPACK-1561

    Modular portable antenna 160M - 6M Chameleon MPAS 2.0 + backpack

    The portable and modular antenna CHAMELEON MPAS 2.0 (Modular Portable Antenna System) is a concept allowing the radio operator to configure and deploy an antenna system in numerous configurations and

    561,75 €

    624,17 €

    Reduced price!
  • COMET CCB-HFJ canvas transport pouch for HFJ-350M
    156,67 € 195,83 € tax excl. -20%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: CHA-ANT-EMCOMM3-1523

    CHAMELEON EMCOMM III wire & NVIS antenna from 1.8 to 30 MHz

    The EMCOMM III Portable antenna from Chameleon is a portable antenna from 1.8 to 30 MHz, specially designed for short to long range HF communications (DX). It is suitable for amateur radio bands and

    156,67 €

    195,83 €

    Reduced price!
  • CHAMELEON 40/20 FD HF Fan Dipole 40 and 20 meter portable antenna
    116,08 € 165,83 € tax excl. -30%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: CHA-40-20FD-1622

    CHAMELEON 40/20 FD HF Fan Dipole 40m and 20m portable antenna without tuner

    The CHAMELEON 40/20 FD Fan Dipole antenna is an HF antenna designed to provide a portable resonant field-tunable antenna for 2 of the most popular amateur radio bands: 7 and 14 MHz (40m and 20m) using

    116,08 €

    165,83 €

  • CHA RFI Choke Chameleon Ant
    38,50 € 55,00 € tax excl. -30%tax excl. Material no longer available


    Reference: CHA-ANT-RFICHOKE-1554

    RFI Choke Chameleon for frequencies from 1 to 300MHz 300W

    The RFI CHOKE Chameleon is made of a sleeve with a # 31 ferrite blend which is best for this purpose. The # 31 ferrite core covers 1 MHz to 300MHz. It prevents, significantly reduces or completely

    38,50 €

    55,00 €

    Reduced price!
  • CHA Spike Mount Chameleon Ant
    34,42 € 49,17 € tax excl. -30%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: CHA-ANT-SPIKE-MOUNT-1553

    Chameleon CHA MPAS 2.0 and CHA HYBRID antenna mounting post

    The CHA SPIKE MOUNT is an innovative product made by Chameleon Antenna, it is a heavy duty, precision manufactured stainless steel stake with a 3/8 '' 24 fitting to secure the base of the Chameleon

    34,42 €

    49,17 €

    Reduced price!
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