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Mobile dual-band Leixen 25W FM

Leixen VV-898S is the new release of the ultra-compact dual-band mobile transceiver for VHF and UHF, dual reception and dual display, covering RX and TX from 136-174Mhz and 400-480Mhz in FM analog mode with 25 watts.

With CTCSS, DTMF, 1750Hz burst tone, VOX, 199 channels, channel steps 2.5K, 5K, 6.25K, 10K, 12.5K and 25K and external speaker jack.

Comes complete with: 25W radio VV-898S, Microphone with 16 button keypad and volume control buttons, chrome metal microphone clip, radio mounting bracket, DC power cable with cigarette lighter connector for car (12V), user manual.

No longer available, replaced with the equivalent model QYT KT8900.

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95,00 € tax incl.


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Main Feature of Leixen VV-989S

Dual band: VHF and UHF bands
TX: 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz
RX : 87.5-108MHz, 136-174 MHz, 400-520 MHZ and 200-260 MHZ
Dual Reception/Dual Display
AFRO: Voice Companding and Scrambler
Multi silent mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT) 214 groups DCS - 58 groups CTCSS
DTMF encoding and decoding
PTT ID (Voice broadcast PTT ID)
RX Inhibit/ RXTX Inhibit/Revive(Stun/Kill/Revive)
Monitor, SMQ,MOLO
Scan/Scan add
Channel name edit available
199 memory channels
High/Middle/Low power (25W/10W/5W)
APO (Auto Power Off)
TOT (Time-out timer)
Font Set(Big/Small)
VOX (Level adjustable)
Busy channel lockout
Keyboard lock (Auto/Manual)
Multi scan mode (TO/CO)
Channel steps (2.5K 5K 6.25K 10K 12.5K 25K)
Wide/Narrow band selection (25KHz, 12.5KHz)
TX Stop
Emergency Alarm
RPT Offset (Single/RPT+/RPT-)
Reverse frequency function/ Talk Around
1750Hz burst tone
Lease Function (can program lease time of the radio at a exact time)
Input frequency by using Keypad
Four key programmable
Wireless changing frequency
PC software programmable
Passwords for menu functions Set
PTT Times per Minutes Set
13.8V DC Power Supply
Size: 120*90*40mm
Weight: 315 grammes
CE certified
1 year warranty

Technical specifications

Leixen VV-898S specifications


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  • Adapteur UHF Female to UHF Female

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