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Anytone AT-D578UV Mobile 144-430Mhz VFO (GPS & Bluetooth) Anytone DMR equipment ANYTONE-D578UV1-RA-871 View larger

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Mobile Anytone AT-D578UV V1 DMR FM 144-430Mhz VFO (GPS Bluetooth en Option)

The Anytone AT-D578UV V1 mobile is the first mobile DMR with a VFO, it covers the 144 and 430Mhz bands (VHF and UHF dual band), analog FM and digital DMR, Tier I & II compatible, Motorbro and Hytera, TDMA ( 2 TimeSlot), roaming. And GPS APRS FM and DMR and Bluetooth on the  AT-D578UVPRO version.

Comes complete with: 1 ANYTONE AT-D578-UV Bi-band (GPS and bluetooth with BT PTT button included on AT-D578UV PRO), manual in English. 2 year warranty and programming cable included.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user. Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other. It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.

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339,00 € tax incl.

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  • With Bluetooth and GPS
  • Without Bluetooth nor GPS


Manual AT-D578UV & BT (EN)

User manual for Anytone AT-578UV and Bluetooth accessories in english. 3.03M

CPS Anytone D578UV + FW 1.14

Programming software of the Anytone AT D578UV CPS with firmware V1.14 - June 2021 12.66M

CPS Anytone D578UV1 + FW 1.16

Programming software CPS 1.16 for Anytone AT578-UV with firmware V1.16, july 2022 21.94M

CPS Anytone D578UV1 + FW 1.15

CPS 1.15 programming software for Anytone AT D578UVI (V1) with firmware V1.15 (november 2021). 14.45M

CPS software D578 + FW 1.13

Anytone CPS programming software 1.13N with firmware 1.13 (April 2021) for AT D578UV with manual. 15.56M

Manual AT-D578 UV BT (FR)

User manual in french Anytone AT D578 UV translate by Thierry ON2CQ 1.39M

Instructions FW Update 578 (EN)

Instructions in english to update the firmware and make a MCU RESET of the Anytone AT578UV. 172.54k

Data sheet

Specifications Anytone AT D578-UV PRO

2 Timeslot, TDMA, compatible MOTOTRBO Tier I & II
Power: 50W VHF and 45W UHF
TX frequency (amateur radio band): 144-146 MHz and 430-440 MHz
Auto-detection digital or analog mode
4000 channels, 10000 Talkgroup and 150000 Contacts
VFO button function to change frequencies
GPS and APRS function in FM or DMR (on AT-D578UV-PRO version)
TFT color LCD display, dual display, dual standby
Bandwidth: 12.5 K / 25 K (analog); 12.5K (DMR)
No frequency: 5Khz, 6.25Khz
Coding and decoding CTCSS / DCS
Up to 5 different DMR IDs
Icon indicator or voice prompt when connecting with a relay
Roaming / roaming function (selection of an accessible relay in a predefined list)
Bluetooth with PTT button (on AT-D578UVPRO version)
Encryption function
SMS function via the keyboard
Registration function
GPS function
ANI function, PTT ID, VOX
Male SMA antenna connector
Emergency alarm (with GPS data transmission)
Antenna Connector: SMA Male (Antenna compatible in SMA female)
CE and FCC certified
2 years warranty by Passion Radio

Roaming function of AT-D578UV

The Anytone AT-D578UV is equipped with the new roaming feature that allows you to automatically switch to a pre-defined relay in a list while roaming.

The romaing feature of the D578UV can be triggered manually or via a timer allowing the radio to switch to the strongest relay.

The station does not use the GPS position to locate the relays around it, they must be previously registered in the mobile.

How-To activate VFO mode and additional menus

To activate VFO mode as well as additional menus, here is how to proceed:

Go to the "Optional Settings" menu, then in the "Work Mode" menu then in the "choose working mode" drop-down menu, select the "amateur mode" mode, so that the modifications are taken into account, rewrite the codeplug on the radio.

mode VFO at-578uv anytone

Reminder: The use of the Anytone AT-D578-UV PRO mobile DMR is subject to license and to the user's compliance with the frequencies and legislation in force in his country.

This radio is sold non-programmed, neither in frequencies and without codeplug. Programming is to be done by the user.

Passion Radio no longer provides support for amateur radio DMR programming given too many DMR networks which some are incompatible with each other.

It is the responsibility of the administrators of the DMR networks to provide ready-to-use codeplugs for the users of their networks.


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    357,50 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1 month


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