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TYT TH-UV88 Walkie-Talkie Dual-band FM VHF-UHF 5W

The TYT TH-UV88 is a rugged, cost-effective VHF 144-146Mhz and UHF 430-440 Mhz dual-band walkie talkie for everyday use and for those who need the same functionality and versatility of the popular Baofeng UV-5R but are looking for a walkie talkie with a stylish look. more professional, greater durability, better reception and range.

The TH-UV-88 has 200 programmable channels, CTCSS / DCS, 1750 Hz calling tone, DTMF encoding and decoding as well as 2 and 5 tone (compatible ZVEI1 et ZVEI2), 2 simultaneous frequency standby function, an 88-108 Mhz FM radio, VOX function for hands-free use and a built-in flashlight.

Programmable from Windows PC (7, 8, 10) and firmware update via programming cable (optional). A programming file for VHF-UHF amateur radio frequencies in France, ready to use, is available in the download section below.

Comes complete with: 1 TYT TH-UV88, 1 220V desktop charger EU plug, belt clip, VHF-UHF dual-band antenna, 1400 mAh battery and English manual to donwload below. 2 years warranty by Passion Radio.

Compatible antennas to improve range: Choose an antenna with a SMA male connector such as Diamond SRH77CA (40cm), Nagoya NA-771 (39cm), Abbree tactical antenna (33cm or 48cm lenght only, SMA male).

Exposure SAR max. : Walkie-talkie back 2,790 (W/Kg) in 450 Mhz (narrow FM 12,5Khz)

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Manual TYT TH-UV88 (EN)

TYT TH-UV88 English manual. 3.77M

CPS software TYT-UV88 1.12

Windows programming software v1.17 CPS for TYT-UV88 3.42M

Firmware BQ1_44 (old)

Firmware version BQ1_44 (May 2021) with Windows update software for the old microprocessor version. 1.09M

TYT walkie talkie drivers

Drivers for Windows and analog FM walkie-talkie from TYT 1.18M

Manual TYT UV-88 (FR)

Manual in french with programming and firmware update instructions. 2.3M

Firmware BQ1_38 (old)

Firmware version BQ1_38 (February 2021) with Windows update software for the old microprocessor version. 278.16k

Firmware BSV1_55 (new)

Firmware version BSV1_55 (December 2021) with Windows update software for the new microprocessor version. (firmware in .ICF). 86.46k

Configure CANAL E ZVEI2 TH-UV88

Configuration of the mountain emergency frequency 161.300MHz Canal E ZVEI2 for TYT TH UV-88 390.92k

UV88 programming files

Programming for the TYT TH-UV88 with VHF-UHF amateur radio frequencies, for CHIRP and TYT CPS software. 697.15k

Data sheet

Dual-Band display, dual frequency watch
Frequencies amateur radio band: 144-146 Mhz and 430-440 Mhz
Output power: 0.5 W minimum, 4W in UHF and 5W in VHF maximum
Setting: 0.5-1W (L = Low), 2-2.5W (M = Medium) and 4-5W (H = High)
200 channels, 50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS
VOX hands free
1750Hz tone and relay function (adjustable offset)
DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone
Compatible ZVEI1 and ZVEI2
Antenna connector: SMA female
FM radio (87MHz-108MHz)
Led lamp
Large LCD display
Not switchable 25KHz / 12.5KHz
Emergency alert function
Headset jack: 2-pin (Kenwood K, Baofeng compatible)
Dual frequency monitoring (dual watch): VHF + VHF, VHF + UHF, UHF + VHF or UHF + UHF
No increment: 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25KHz
Scan frequencies and memories
Scrambler, Roger beep
Battery: 1400 mAh
Autonomy : 8 to 10 hours
Weight: 223g (with antenna and battery)
Dimension: 11.6 x 5.3 x 3.6 cm (excluding antenna)
Operating temperature: -10°C to + 50°C
2 years warranty
CE, FCC and RoHS standards

Use of 1750 Hz tone

To activate the tone 1750hz and trigger the opening of an amateur radio relay, you have to stay pressed on the button on the left side: Site Key 1 (above the PTT button). The walkie-talkie then goes into transmission and transmits the tone 1750hz.

Changing the VFO / Memory mode

To switch from VFO mode or memory mode, briefly press the # key in the lower right corner of the keyboard.

To save a memory channel

In VFO mode, enter the frequency to be recorded from the keypad or select the frequency with the one keys by pressing 【▲】or 【▼】and then press and hold the F key.

The channel number will flash on the right side of the LCD, press 【▲】or 【▼】to select the desired number, then press the # (radio) key on the keypad to save it.

To delete a memory channel

1) In VFO mode, press and hold the F key, the number will flash on the right of the LCD
2) Press 【▲】or 【▼】buttons to select the number of the channel you want to delete, then press * (lock) button to confirm.

Turn ON/OFF the flashlight

To turn on the flashlight, briefly press the Site Key 1 above the PTT button.

Turn ON/OFF the FM 88-108 Mhz radio

To turn on the FM radio, press and hold down the # key in the lower right corner of the keypad. To turn it off, press and hold down the # key.

Microprocessor version and firmware update

Due to the worldwide shortage of electronic components, TYT has changed the microprocessor of the UV88. There are now 2 versions of firmwares according to the 2 versions of the microprocessor. The functionalities and performances are identical between the 2 versions.

However the firmware of the old chipset is not compatible with the new version of the chipset.

To recognize the new version, a sticker with a red dot is affixed to the back of the device on the chassis, by removing the battery.

The serial number of the new version of the microprocessor start from 2111A00031, the numbers ending with a number after 00031 has the new version.

Finally, to avoid any confusion in updating the firmware according to the 2 versions, a firmware file with an extension in .ICF concerns the new version, while a firmware file with an extension in .HEX concerns the old version. The firmware update software is specific to each version.

The programming software and the configuration files are compatible whatever the version.

Reminder: The use of the TYT TH-UV88 walkie-talkie is subject to the respect by the user of the frequencies, of the legislation in force in the country of use and requires a radio license to be able to be legally used in transmission.


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  • Handheld microphone TYT for TH-UV88 MD-380 MD-390 Retevis Anytone Wouxun

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  • Magnetic SMA antenna 144/430Mhz Diamond MR75SJ

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  • Antenna Nagoya NA-771 2m/70cm SMA Female, SMA Male or BNC Male

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  • Antenna Nagoya NA-24J 2m/70cm SMA-F for Baofeng

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  • TYT TH-UV88 Deluxe Pack: Antenna + Microphone + HP Battery + Cable

    This Deluxe pack is perfect for starting to equip yourself with a high-performance, budget-friendly 144 / 430Mhz ham radio walkie-talkie.It includes 1 TYT TH-UV88 walkie-talkie covering the FM band

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  • Universal case protection walkie-talkie Beach / Ski

    This transparent protective bag for walkie-talkie can protect your radio from dust, splashing water or sand on the beach or snow on the ski.Delivered with: 1 transparent protective pouch, 1 shoulder

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    6,63 €tax excl.

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  • Portable DMR & FM TYT MD-280 single band VHF 136-174MHz or UHF 400-480 MHz

    Walkie-Talkie TYT MD-280 analog FM and digital DMR, single-band VHF from 136 to 174MHz with 5W max. or single-band UHF from 400 to 480 MHz with 4W max. Mototrbo, Tier I and Tier II, and TDMA (2

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  • Nagoya antenna NA-702 30cm 144/430Mhz

    This Nagoya antenna NA-702 30cm long is for walkie-talkie on the 144 and 430Mhz bands. Available in 3 connectors: SMA Female for Baofeng walkie-talkie, BF888, UV-6R, UV-5R or UV-82SMA Male for

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    Resistant fabric case, made in the United States, to carry a walkie-talkie on the belt. Available in 5 different sizes to suit all brands and models of walkie-talkie as for example: Icom, Kenwood,

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  • Diamond Antenna SRH770S 70cm 144/430Mhz

    This very large antenna SRH770S Diamond measures 70cm, it is composed of 2 parts that are screwed to each other, for amateur radio walkie-talkie 144/430Mhz with female SMA connector. Delivered with:

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  • PMR446 8 Channel Walkie-Talkie Pair Midland XT10

    The MIDLAND XT10 license-free walkie-talkie is a PMR446 approved mobile phone with 500mW of power and a fixed antenna (not removable). - 16 (8 + 8) PMR channels 446Mhz- Battery operated (not

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  • PMR446 & LPD Midland G7 PRO MIMETIC handheld

    The license-free MIDLAND G7 PRO MIMETIC walkie-talkie is PMR446 approved with 8 channels PMR446 with a power of 500mW and a fixed antenna (not removable). - Usable without radio license- 24 (8 PMR

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  • Talkie-Walkie 27Mhz ALAN42DS 4W AM FM

    New version of the ALAN42DS walkie-talkie 27 Mhz CB, 40 channels AM and FM portable transceiver, approved for the 27Mhz cibi band.- Usable without license- Frequencies: 27 Mhz- Power: 4W AM / FM-

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  • VHF-UHF handheld Wouxun KG-UVD1P

    The Wouxun KG-UVD1P VHF / UHF walkie-talkie covers amateur VHF 144-146Mhz and UHF 430-440Mhz in reception and transmission, with a power of 1-5 watts in VHF and 1-4W in UHF.- Usable in broadcasting

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  • Waterproof universal pouch for walkie talkie

    This transparent, waterproof walkie-talkie pouch protects your radio from water, snow, sand or dust.It is waterproof IP65 and its universal softcase is suitable for all brands of walkie-talkie of 35cm

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  • VHF-UHF Abbree Tactical Foldable Antenna for Baofeng Anytone Yaesu

    This foldable tactical antenna for VHF 144Mhz and UHF 430Mhz bands is available with a female SMA or SMA male connector and in 4 different sizes: 33cm, 48cm, 88cm* and 108cm. * The 88cm version has an

    13,50 € tax incl.

    11,25 €tax excl.

    15,00 € -10%
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  • USB programming cable 2 pins for TYT UV88 walkie-talkie and Baofeng

    USB programming cable for the TYT TH-UV88 walkie-talkie and all analog TYT and Baofeng walkie talkie with 2-pin connectors.This USB cable allows you to easily and quickly program from a PCn the

    6,56 € tax incl.

    5,46 €tax excl.

    6,90 € -5%
    In stock
  • Desktop charger 220V EU for TYT TH-UV88 and Retevis RT85

    Original TYT desktop charger with 100-220V power supply for the TYT TH-UV88 walkie talkie also compatible with the Retevis RT85. Compatible with 1400mAh and 3200mAh TYT UV-88 batteries.Supplied with:

    4,28 € tax incl.

    3,56 €tax excl.

    4,50 € -5%
    In stock
  • Battery 1400 mAh for TYT TH-UV88 walkie-talkie

    Genuine TYT battery with a capacity of 1400mAh, for the TYT TH-UV88 FM analog walkie-talkie and also Retevis RT85. Autonomy : 8 to 10 hours Battery available in High-Capacity 3200 mAh, and compatible

    7,51 € tax incl.

    6,25 €tax excl.

    7,90 € -5%
    In stock
  • 12v cigarette lighter power supply for TYT TH-UV88 & Retevis RT85

    Power cable cigarette lighter socket, genuine TYT for the TH-UV88 walkie talkie also compatible with Retevis RT85.This is not a battery charger, it is a battery eliminator that replaces the existing

    6,56 € tax incl.

    5,46 €tax excl.

    6,90 € -5%
    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • 3200 mAh High Capacity Battery for TYT TH-UV88 & Retevis RT85

    Original TYT 3200mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery for the TH-UV88 FM analog walkie talkie, also compatible with the Retevis RT85. Battery life: 16 to 24 hours This HP battery is compatible with the

    11,31 € tax incl.

    9,42 €tax excl.

    11,90 € -5%
    Out of stock, available within 1 month
  • IC-V80E Walkie Talkie ICOM VHF 144-146MHz & Free Flight - Rugged IP54 5.5W

    Walkie-Talkie ICOM IC-V80E VHF 144-146MHz with a power of 5.5W, 207 channels with LCD display and keypad.This talkie can also be used, with license, for free flight frequencies (143.9875 MHz and

    149,00 € tax incl.

    124,17 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • Yaesu FT-4XE VHF / UHF FM 5W Walkie-Talkie

    Yaesu FT-4XE 5W FM VHF/UHF portable walkie talkie. Small and reliable, it has a great autonomy of 10-15 hours. Power 0.5/2.5/5 W Audio power 1 W Up to 15 hours of autonomy Charging time: 3.5 h with

    79,00 € tax incl.

    65,83 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1-2 months
  • Yaesu FT-65E Walkie-Talkie Dual Band VHF / UHF 144 / 430MHz 5W

    Yaesu FT-65E VHF / UHF 5W dual-band walkie-talkie, for 2m and 70cm (144 / 430MHz) amateur radio bands, has an IP54 degree of protection with MIL-810-C, D and E. Equipped with included desktop charger

    115,00 € tax incl.

    95,83 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1-2 months
  • Signalink-SLUSB-HTW pack for walkie talkie 2-pin micro plug Kenwwod Baofeng Woux

    The Signalink-SLUSB-HTW interface pack is compatible with Kenwood, Wouxun and Baofeng radios equipped with a 2-pin micro plug such as: Baofeng UV-5R, UV-6R, UV-82, Kenwood TH-F7, TH-D72, TH-K2A,

    159,00 € tax incl.

    132,50 €tax excl.

    Out of stock, available within 1-2 months
  • Talkie 4G LTE PoC Inrico T640A 4000mAh GPS Android 8.1

    The Inrico T640A, is a 4G LTE WIFI PoC* portable talke radio, easy and fast to use with its PTT button to talk, Android 8.1 operating system, 100% compatible with Android ZELLO app and others**.

    159,00 € tax incl.

    132,50 €tax excl.

    Out of stock
  • Tactical harness for 2 walkie-talkie radios compatible with all makes and models

    Heavy duty nylon chest radio harness, walkie-talkie holster adjustable in height and width to accommodate 2 walkie-talkies (one on each side) of any size, with a central pocket for smartphone, an

    24,90 € tax incl.

    20,75 €tax excl.

    In stock
  • Protective case and storage for military tactical antenna and ABBREE

    Khaki green nylon case for military style tactical walkie talkie antenna, such as the Abbree antenna. Ideal for protecting and storing the folded antenna when not in use. Attaches to a backpack.

    3,80 € tax incl.

    3,17 €tax excl.

    In stock


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