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Magnetic antenna Diamond MR77 dual band 144/430Mhz 70W + cable 4m

External diamond MR-77 antenna for mobile or walkie-talkie dualband, 144 MHz (VHF) and 430 MHz (UHF) with a 2.15dbi gain in VHF and UHF 3.4dbi with coaxial cable RG58 / U 4 meters with connector to choose: SMA female, SMA male, PL-259 (UHF-Male) or BNC Male.

This antenna is preset broadcast on the bands 144/430MHz and can not be adjusted.

Transmission frequencies: 144/430Mhz
Maximum power: 70W
Reception frequency: 100-200Mhz and 400-500Mhz
Antenna length: 50 centimeters
Diameter of the magnetic base: 8cm
Cable length: 4 meters RG58

Supplied with: 1 Diamond MR77 antenna, connection to choose below, includes magnetic base and 4 meter coaxial cable.

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36,90 € tax incl.

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  • SMA Male
  • SMA Female
  • UHF Male (PL-259)
  • BNC Male

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Diamond MR-77 antenna specifications

Transmission frequencies: 144/430Mhz
Reception frequencies: 100-200Mhz and 400-500Mhz approximately
Gain: 2.15dBi on 144Mhz and 3.4dBi on 430Mhz
Polarization Type: Vertical
Wavelength: 1/4 in VHF and 5/8 in UHF
VSWR: ≤1.5
Maximum power: 70W
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Strand length: 50cm (non-orientable, non-tilting)
Cable length: 4 meters
Coaxial cable: RG58 / U
Support: Magnetic mini-base
Total weight: 400g

Cable connector:
SMA female for version MR77SJ
SMA male for the MR77S version
BNC male for the MR77B version
UHF Male (PL-259) for the MR77 version


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