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Duplex steel cable clip 3 to 10 mm for guy wires

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Cable clamp (duplex clip) prevents spontaneous loosening, strong counter-pressure due to the elasticity of the ropes.

The 2 nuts allow for easy loosening for adjustments.

To be used with a heart lug and a cable clamp for a perfect hold.

To help you choose your shrouds and the necessary and compatible accessories, consult the installation diagrams and tables in the Mastrant guide, available in the"Download" section.

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Guide Mastrant (FR)

Guide in French to choose your Mastrant guying antenna system and accessories. 994.98k

Guide Mastrant (EN)

Guide in English to choose your Mastrant guying antenna system and accessories. 1.02M

Guide Mastrant (DE)

Guide in German. 1.08M

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    0,29 €tax excl.

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  • Stainless steel cable clamp for 3 to 10 mm guy wires

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    1,42 €tax excl.

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    0,67 €tax excl.

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    1,24 €tax excl.

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    1,41 €tax excl.

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    3,23 €tax excl.

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    2,73 €tax excl.

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    6,12 €tax excl.

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