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Mini frequency meter 100-1000Mhz Leixen N8

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The Leixen N8 is a handheld frequency counter with LCD screen with 8 digits and runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

It allows to know frequency from all transceiver working between 100 to 1000Mhz, and decoding codes "CTCSS" and "DCS".

The measurement of the frequency is achieved by induction, for a fast measurement, only 1 second needed for measuring the frequency and CTSS code.

This Mini Portable frequency counter also has an interesting feature: It can transmit a low power signal on the frequency and tone CTCSS / DCS measured, it allows to be able to check the signal directly to the station measured.

Its accuracy is relatively good, this meter frequency is suitable for example for walkie-talkie users and handheld VHF-UHF.

Package includes: 1x Leixen n8 mini portable meter frequency (batteries not included), 1x antenna 1x User manual (English).

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Data sheet

Frequency counter handheld Leixen N8

Frequency measuring Range: 100MHz ~ 1000MHz
Code: CTCSS and DCS
Antenna connector: SMA Male
Operating Current: 46mA Measure at rest 20mA
Battery: 3 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)
Auto power off: 60 seconds

Manual meter mobile frequency

on/off power: Press the power button and release it to turn or press the power button and hold 2 seconds to turn off.

Measurement method: Press the power button to turn on, put the source of the signal near the frequency meter, the measured frequency will be displayed in 1 second

Sometimes there is already a frequency value on the screen when the frequency counter is on, it is an interference frequency, you must press the power button once, then put the source signal frequency near the frequency counter, then the new value is measured.

a.) If the signal source is a CTCSS tone, the value is shown directly below the emitted frequency display

b.) Same as before if the signal source is a DCS code, however DCS takes a second longer time

c.) To measure again, press the power button

Test Measurement: To test directly the measured result, press the M key to the right, the frequency counter then transmits a low-power radio signal, the receiver can hear what was measured on the test frequency and code CTCSS/DCS listened.

Auto power off: In the absence of any use, the frequency meter turns off automatically after 60 seconds.

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