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PandwaRF portable analyzer-copier-repeater 300-928Mhz

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PandwaRF is a portable RF analyzer with battery and Bluetooth, it is a wireless transceiver for frequencies from 300 to 928Mhz and modulation modes ASK / OOK / MSK / 2-FSK / GFSK, in half-duplex mode.

Operating principle of PandwaRF is to capture, display and then retransmit sequences of RF signals easily. It can be connected to an Android smartphone using Bluetooth mode (Low Energy BLE) or USB to connect to a PC or Linux.

PandwaRF is based on the RfCat & Yard Stick One tools, with the Texas Instruments CC1111 RF Transceiver, and with new features, making PandwaRF a portable RF analyzer for many Hacking RF or reverse engineering applications.

Delivered with: 1 PandwaRF BARE version DEV (without any Android application, firmware installed, case or battery). Antenna ANT500 not included, sold separately.

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  • With case
  • Without case


Manual PandwaRF (FR)

In French 1.75M

Data sheet

PandwaRF (formerly GollumRF) spec

USB high speed: 12 Mbps (Linux or Android)
Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (Android / iOS)
USB charger and battery powered
4 buttons to assign codes
4 status LEDs

16 Mbit Flash Memory to record custom RF protocols
Rechargeable battery powered for autonomous operation
Battery life gauge

Amplifier RX: + 13dB of 300MHz-1GHz
TX power: + 10dB average and + 20dB @ 433MHz, + 17dB @ 900MHz
SMA female connector for external antenna
GPIO and 22-pin programming

PandwaRF is available in 2 versions:

- Full version with Android application, firmware installed, case and battery: PandwaRF Full
- Developer version, without installed firmware or software, without case or battery: PandwaRF Bare

Download the free PandwaRF Android App from Google Play:

Equipment in process of CE certification, can only be used by amateurs radio or research labs only in Europe and in experimentation environment.


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