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Yagi HB9CV 50 Mhz antenna (6m) Diamond A502HBR2

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2 elements Diamond Antenna A502HBR2 directive Yagi type HB9CV, for VHF band 50 Mhz (6 meters) with a gain of 6.13dBi and for use in fixed or portable station.

Antenna type: Yagi HB9CV Directive 2 elements
Frequency band: 50 to 53 Mhz (6 meters)
Pre-set to 51 Mhz, no need for adjustments
Maximum power: 400 Watts SSB and 130 Watts FM
Boom length: 3m
Connector: PL-259 (UHF Male)

Antenna to be mounted.

Country of origin: Japan
Original warranty: Diamond Antenna

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Manual A502-HBR2 Diamond (EN)

User manual and datasheet in english Diamond Antenna A502HBR2 647.9k

Data sheet

HB9CV Yagi 6 meters specifications

Frequency: 50 to 53MHz (centered with no adjustment required on 51MHz)
Bande: 6 meters (6m)
Gain: 6.3dBi
Max Power : 400W (SSB) and 130 watts (continuous FM)
SWR: Less than 1.5: 1 (From 50 to 52MHz without adjustments)
Front-to-rear ratio: Less than 15dB
Area: 0.14m2
Wind Max. : 130 km / h.
Turning radius: 1.6m
Boom length: 0.8m
Length of the largest element: 3m
Connector: PL-259 (UHF Male)
Mat diameter accepted: 25mm to 56mm
Dimensions: 80cmx300cmx8.5cm
Weight: 1.7kg

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    78,38 €tax excl.

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