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CHELEGANCE / JNCRadio was founded in 2020 by amateur radio enthusiasts who wanted to bring the best to all enthusiasts.


  • MC-750 7-50Mhz 100W HF portable antenna
    182,50 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-MC750-2168

    MC-750 7-50MHz 100W HF portable antenna

    The MC-750 CHELEGANCE is a portable antenna kit supporting the 40-6 metre bands with a maximum power of 100 watts PEP with a 1/4 wavelength on 14MHz-50MHz. For operation on 7MHz, the 7MHz coil

    182,50 €
  • JPC-12 GP 7-50Mhz 100W HF portable antenna
    162,50 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-JPC12-2173

    JPC-12 GP 7-50Mhz 100W HF portable antenna JNCRadio / Chelegance

    The JPC-12 from JNCRadio / Chelegance is a compact and portable shortwave antenna with a frequency range of 40m to 6m (7MHz to 50MHz). Its compact design allows the antenna to be stored in a small

    162,50 €
  • NANO VNA-F V2 3G Antenna Analyser 50kHz -3GHz 5000mAh
    157,50 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-NANOVNA-V2-2171

    NANOVNA-F V2 3GHz Antenna Analyser 50kHz to 3000 MHz

    The NanoVNA-F V2 is a new-generation vector network analyser designed to be both portable and self-contained, with a wide range of features. The analyser is equipped with a 4.3" IPS LCD display, a

    157,50 €
  • Kit M-104 for SOTA/POTA 4-band 50W PEP portable antenna
    82,50 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-M104-2170

    M-104 antenna for SOTA/POTA 7/14/21/28MHz mobile phone 50W PEP

    The M-104 CHELEGANCE 4 Band (7/14/21/28 Mhz) antenna kit is designed for use as a portable antenna for SOTA, POTA or use on a stationary car. Supplied with: 1x whip antenna, 1x antenna base, 1x 7 MHz

    82,50 €
  • 80M CHELEGANCE coil for MC-750 antenna
    49,17 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-ACC MC750-2585

    3.5 MHz 80m coil for CHELEGANCE MC-750 antenna

    Coil for the 80-metre band from 3.5 to 4.0 MHz for the CHELEGANCE MC-750 portable antenna. Made from high-quality copper wire, ensuring excellent conductivity. Abrasion-resistant, this coil is

    49,17 €
  • Tripod for MC-750 and JPC-12 antenna
    37,42 €

    Reference: CHELEGANCE-TRIPOD-2169

    3/8 tripod for MC-750 and JPC-12 antennas

    CHELEGANCE tripod with M10 connector for MC-750 and JPC-12 antenna, compact, easy to set up and fold away, making it the ideal choice for those who need to transport it for POTA/SOTA. Simply connect

    37,42 €
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