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Chelegance JPC-7 Dipole portable antenna 8 HF bands 40m to 6m View larger



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Chelegance JPC-7 Dipole portable antenna 8 HF bands 40m to 6m

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Dipole portable antenna 40m to 6m, 8 HF bands. Super portable antenna kit that can be set up within 5 mins by 1 person, perfect for field operation, portable, SOTA.

Mast and tripod not included.

Come wtih: 1x antenna base, 1x 1:1 choke balun, 2x telescopic whip 2.5m, 2x multi-band coil, 4x aluminum arm 19x320mm, 2x rotating arm kit, 2x brass connector, 1x balun bandage, 1x tripod adaptor, 1x bag 37x23cm, 1x user manual.

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