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Bidirectional LOOP antenna for direction finding & fox hunting 1-600MHz

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Two-way loop antenna for direction finding, fox hunting or weather balloon hunting. Operates in reception only and from 1 to 600 MHz.

It is used in zero mode (minimum signal) because this mode provides a very accurate bearing, plus or minus five degrees.

Caution: This antenna is intended for reception only. Transmitting with this antenna may damage your radio.

Antenna connector: BNC male

Available in option : BNC Arrow Antenna attenuator.

Delivered with: 1 FOX HUNT LOOP antenna from Arrow Antenna.

65,83 € tax excl.

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  • RF attenuator SMA 0-6 Ghz from -3 to -30dB 2W Passion Radio SMA ADAPT-SMA-ATTENUA3-826
    7,84 € 8,25 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: ADAPT-SMA-ATTENUA3-826

    RF attenuator SMA 0-6 Ghz from -3 to -30dB 2W

    This adaptor is an SMA male attenuator available in -3, -6, -10, -15, -20 or -30dB versions for operating frequencies from 0 to 6 GHz. This attenuator is symmetrical and can be used in both

    7,84 €

    8,25 €

    Reduced price!
  • Active Loop antenna MLA-30 Plus MegaLoop 500 Khz - 30 Mhz
    39,50 € 41,58 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: RFKONNECT-64T726-ANT-MLA30-968

    Active Loop antenna MLA-30 Plus MegaLoop 500 Khz - 30 Mhz

    MLA-30 Plus magnetic loop active antenna for receiving HF bands from 500 kHz to 30 MHz.The MLA-30+ antenna can be used with the RTL-SDR V3 stick in direct conversion mode, with the Ham it up

    39,50 €

    41,58 €

    Reduced price!
  • RG58 coaxial cable with BNC Male
    5,46 € 5,75 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: CORDON-RG58-BNC-30CM-1115

    RG58 coaxial cable extension with BNC Male

    Coaxial patch cable with BNC Male connector - BNC Male with RG58 MIL-C-17 50 ohm coaxial cable for use in frequencies from 0 to 1000Mhz. Available in different lengths: 30cm, 50cm, 1m or 2 metres

    5,46 €

    5,75 €

    Reduced price!
  • Active mini antenna 0-50 Mhz for SDR receiver Passion Radio Antennes SDR ANT-AL-MINI-WHIP-87
    20,50 € 21,58 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock



    Active 0-50 Mhz mini antenna for SDR receiver

    This Mini-Whip SDR active mini-antenna enables reception of HF frequencies from 0 to 50 mhz with an SDR receiver. Compact in size, the Mini-Whip active antenna can be used as a stand-alone device

    20,50 €

    21,58 €

    Reduced price!


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