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LOOP Dual Band Antenna VHF/UHF compact size, horizontal polarization View larger



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LOOP Dual Band Antenna VHF/UHF compact size, horizontal polarization

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Home Station or Portable Antenna for Local SSB / CW / Digital Mode Use or for Satellite Operation.

Half Wave Dipole bent into a Square Loop, Super Light Weight, High Gain, Mounted Horizontally.

  • Type: Omnidiretional Antenna
  • Frequency: 140 - 150 / 400 - 470 MHz
  • Max Power: 800 W
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • VSWR : Less than 1.5
  • Gain: 4 dB (VHF) / 5 dB (UHF)
  • Length: 28 x 28 cm
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Adjustment: Gamma-Match
  • Whip: Anodized solid aluminium
  • Weight: 360g
  • Connector: UHF-Female (SO-239)

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  • Active mini antenna 0-50 Mhz for SDR receiver Passion Radio Antennes SDR ANT-AL-MINI-WHIP-87
    20,50 € 21,58 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock



    Active 0-50 Mhz mini antenna for SDR receiver

    This Mini-Whip SDR active mini-antenna enables reception of HF frequencies from 0 to 50 mhz with an SDR receiver. Compact in size, the Mini-Whip active antenna can be used as a stand-alone device

    20,50 €

    21,58 €

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  • Mobile Anytone AT-779UV Dual Band 25W FM 144/430Mhz + Cigar Lighter
    82,06 € 86,38 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: ANYTONE-AT779UV-357

    Mobile Anytone AT-779UV Dual Band 25W FM 144/430Mhz + Cigar Lighter

    The Anytone AT-779UV is the latest addition to Anytone's ultra-compact and robust dual-band VHF and UHF range for the 144Mhz (2m) and 430Mhz (70cm) amateur radio bands, analogue FM mode with 25 watts

    82,06 €

    86,38 €

    Reduced price!
  • International Amateur Radio Symbol Sticker Passion Radio Stickers AUTOCOLLANT-HAM-PETIT-487
    0,42 €

    Reference: AUTOCOLLANT-HAM-S-487

    International Amateur Radio Symbol Sticker hamradio

    Sticker of the international amateur radio symbol (hamradio ) that represents an antenna connected to a solenoid then to the earth and shows the link in the radio between the Earth and the Air.

    0,42 €
  • Diamond Antenna SRH770S 70cm 144/430Mhz Diamond Antenna Handheld DIAMOND-SRH770S-572
    28,42 € 29,92 € tax excl. -5%tax excl. In stock


    Reference: DIAMOND-SRH770S-572

    Diamond Antenna SRH770S 70cm 144/430Mhz

    This very large antenna SRH770S Diamond measures 70cm, it is composed of 2 parts that are screwed to each other, for amateur radio walkie-talkie 144/430Mhz with female SMA connector. Delivered with:

    28,42 €

    29,92 €


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rating 5
Vraiment petite
Antenne vraiment discrète
rating 5


rating 5
Antenna portatile
Práctico, portátil y útil para conexiones rápidas.
Corté un palo de escoba, para hacer un soporte.
Propongo equiparlo con un soporte ligero de tamaño adecuado (alrededor de 60/70 cm.) o más, pero en dos piezas para encajar.
rating 3.5
manquait la bride en U pour le mat

Pas très grave car elle est standard et j'en ai en réserve..
Vérifiez quand même le contenu des poches.



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  • DIAMOND X510-N Fixed antenna 8.3dBi (2m) and 11.7 dBi (70cm)

    Fiberglass antenna Diamond X510-N, very high gain VHF-UHF, 5.2 meters high, for fixed use on 2 meters band (144 MHz) with a gain of 8.3dBi and in 70 centimeters bandes (430 MHz) with a gain of

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  • Extension coaxial M&P 10.3mm HYPERFLEX 10 cable with UHF-Male (PL-259)

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  • Extension coaxial 7mm M&P coaxial cable with ULTRAFLEX7 male PL connector

    Messi & Paoloni coaxial cable ready to use with UHF male connector (PL male), with a diameter of 7mm with M&P ULTRAFLEX 7 cable, very flexible and offering excellent performance with lower

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  • Portable Yagi ARROW II (new version) antenna for Satellite 146/437MHz

    The Arrow II antenna (new version V2) have been designed to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest possible size and weight, especially for walkie-talkie and portable use. On the old

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  • OSJ vertical antenna for VHF UHF 146-440MHz robust and groundless Arrow antenna

    The OSJ (Open Stub J-pole) antennas from Arrow Antenna are designed to operate without a ground plane and to be very robust.This model is intended for use in transmitting and receiving for the VHF

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  • Dual-band beam antenna 144-148 MHz & 430-450 MHz broadband 2m70cm8WRV (AA)

    Common Connector DualBand 2m 70cm WideBand Antenna 2m70Wide8RV for the IARU Region 1, 2 and 3, cover and tunable 144-148 and 430-450 MHz.Excellent small portable rear mount common connector dualband

    110,60 € tax incl.

    110,60 €tax excl.

    Available on backorder only, within 10 to 15 days
  • 144 & 432 MHz DualBand 13 elements 10,3 dBi Yagi antenna 2m70cm13WA (AA)

    144 MHz and 432 MHz Dual band Yagi antenna 13 elements 2m70cm13WA with common connector, high gain Yagi antenna 144-146MHz 2m and 430-440 MHz 70cm antenna. Dual-band and wide band operation. Antennas

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    Extra High Gain 144MHz and 432 MHz Dual Band Yagi antenna 17 elements 2m70cm17WA.Excellent gain 2m 144-146 MHz and 430 – 440 MHz 70cm antenna : 11,2 dBi/13,6dBi. Wide-band dual band antenna. Low SWR

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  • 2m 1kW & 70cm 750W DualBand 7 & 14 element Antenna 2m70cm21WAP (AA)

    1 kW – 2 m 750 W – 70 cm Common Connector Dual-Band Yagi Antenna 2m70cm21WAP. Excellent gain 7+14 elements 2m 144-146 MHz and 430 – 440 MHz 70 cm antenna 2m 70cm Dual Band Antenna was former reference

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    182,50 €tax excl.

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