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Yaesu VX-6E HT 144/430Mhz waterproof walkie-talkie 5W YAESU HT Handheld YAESU-TALKIE-VX6E-1021 View larger
Yaesu VX-6E HT 144/430Mhz waterproof walkie-talkie 5W YAESU HT Handheld YAESU-TALKIE-VX6E-1021
  • Yaesu VX-6E HT 144/430Mhz waterproof walkie-talkie 5W YAESU HT Handheld YAESU-TALKIE-VX6E-1021
  • Yaesu VX-6E HT 144/430Mhz waterproof walkie-talkie 5W YAESU HT Handheld YAESU-TALKIE-VX6E-1021



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Yaesu VX-6E HT 144/430Mhz waterproof walkie-talkie 5W

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The Yaesu VX-6R is a portable JIS7 waterproof dual-band FM walkie-talkie (IP67 equivalent), ultra-robust for transmission and reception in VHF 144Mhz and UHF 430 MHz. It is submersible for 30 minutes under 1m of water.

The walkie-talkie also offers wide reception coverage from 504 kHz to 998.99 MHz, an automatic emergency identification system (EAI) specific to Yaesu and direct access to important functions from the keyboard.

Compact design housing made of polycarbonate resin and die-cast aluminum with gasket.

Supplied with: 1 VX-6E, 1 lithium-ion battery FNB-80LI 7.4 V, 1,400 mAh, 1 charger NC-72C, 1 antenna YHA-67, 1 belt clip, 1 wrist strap, 1 manual in French. Material guaranteed original Yaesu.

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Manual VX-6E (FR)

Complete manual in French for the Yaesu VX-6E 2.7M

Data sheet

Features of the waterproof Yaesu VX-6E

RX frequency ranges:
0.5 - 1.8 MHz
1.8 - 30 MHz
30 - 76 MHz
76 - 108 MHz
108 - 137 MHz,
137 - 174 MHz,
174-222 MHz
222 - 420 MHz
420 - 470 MHz
470 - 800 Mhz
800 - 998.990 MHz
AM, NFM circuit type: Double conversion superheterodyne
WFM: Triple conversion superheterodyne

TX 144 - 146 MHz and from 430 to 440 MHz,
No channel 5/9/10 / 12.5 / 15/20/25/50/100 kHz
Frequency stability ± 5 ppm @ (-10 ° C to 50 ° C)
Relay offset function: ± 600 kHz (144 MHz) and ± 1.6 / 5 / 7.6 MHz (430 MHz)
Emission type F2D, F3E
3 output powers
144 MHz / 430 MHz 5W 2.5W 1W
Modulation type: F2D, F3E
Microphone impedance 2 kΩ
Nominal supply voltage: 7.4 V DC, negative ground
Operation: 5.0 ~ 16.0 V DC (EXT DC jack)
11.0 ~ 16.0 V DC (EXT DC socket during charging)
Current consumption 150 mA (reception)
(Approx. @ 7.4 V) 60 mA (standby, economizer off)
20 mA (standby, economizer on)
1 mA (ON timer activated)
200 mA (automatic power off)
1.6 A (5 W TX, 144 MHz)
1.5 A (1.5 W TX, 222 MHz: United States only)
1.8 A (5 W TX, 430 MHz)
Operating temperature (–20 ° C to 60 ° C)
Case size: 58 x 89 x 28.5 mm
Weight: 270 g (with FNB-80LI battery and antenna)
CE RED and Rohs standards for amateur bands, 2 year warranty.

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    Material no longer available
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