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Grazioli G-MAX vertical collinear antenna 5/8 adjustable from 27 to 28,5 Mhz

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The Grazioli G-Max is a 5/8 wave vertical collinear antenna with a height of 10.85m for the 10m (28MHz) or 11m (27MHz) bands in 5/8λ collinear configuration.

With a high (real) gain, it offers performance comparable or better than a 2-element Yagi, while being omnidirectional.

Based on the FE10Vthe G-Max offers superior performance to other common 5/8, J-Pole and other antennas.

With its low angle beam lobe, this antenna is designed for very long distance DX contacts.

Delivered with: 1 CB Grazioli G-MAX antenna and 1 harness. Manual in english to download below.

Delivery info: This antenna is considered as a large package and carriers apply an extra charge for shipping.

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Data sheet

Technical data :

  • Frequency range: adjustable from 27 to 28.5 MHz
  • Impedance: 50Ω unbalanced
  • Radiation: omnidirectional
  • Polarisation: vertical - linear
  • Gain: 3.5dBd (5.65dBi)
  • Resonant SWR: ≤1.2 measured at the connector
  • Maximum applicable power: 5000 Watts continuous all transmit modes
  • Power system: at the base directly connected to DC ground
  • Connector: UHF female (SO-239) with PTFE insulation, gold-plated centre pin


  • Materials: Cold drawn tube made of AW6063-T66 aluminium alloy, fibreglass, brass, PTFE, all screws are made of AISI-304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Wind surface: 0.34m2
  • Wind resistance: 130 Km/h (guyed)
  • Total height: 10.85m at 27MHz
  • Radial length: 2.7m (quarter wave)
  • Mast mounting: ø 40-54 mm
  • Net weight : 6,8 Kg

Caution: Installation of this product near high voltage lines is dangerous. Follow the instructions for your safety.

High quality material: AW6063-T66 alloy of aluminium, magnesium and silicon, hardened to T-66 condition for maximum strength.

The tubular elements are extremely precise in both diameter and wall thickness, allowing for precise coupling without "play" between the tubes.

Robust ground plane: Ground plane consisting of 4 robust 2.7m full quarter wave radials attached to the support plate with U-bolts and self-locking nuts. Fibreglass reinforcements strengthen the joints and prevent crushing.

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Bon matériel
Un peu galère pour la fixé sur le mât vu l\'envergure et la longueur. Reste encore à la testé

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