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Talkie-Walkie 27Mhz ALAN42DS 4W AM FM Midland France CB 27Mhz MIDLAND-ALAN42DS-636 View larger
Talkie-Walkie 27Mhz ALAN42DS 4W AM FM Midland France CB 27Mhz MIDLAND-ALAN42DS-636

Midland France


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Talkie-Walkie 27Mhz ALAN42DS 4W AM FM

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New version of the ALAN42DS walkie-talkie 27 Mhz CB, 40 channels AM and FM portable transceiver, approved for the 27Mhz cibi band.

- Usable without license
- Frequencies: 27 Mhz
- Power: 4W AM / FM
- Antenna connector: BNC female

Comes with: 1 ALAN42DS, wrist strap, battery holder, 27Mhz antenna, charger CA42, carrying case, 12V cigarette lighter adapter, user manual in Italian English German Spanish French Portuguese and Polish.

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Data sheet

Features Alan 42 DS

Audio jack: 2 pin, 2.5mm Mono and 3.5mm Mono, the distance between the two pins is 10mm
Channels: 40 or 80 depending on the country (see below)
Frequency range: 25.615 - 30.105 MHz
Mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM)
Power supply: 7.2 to 13.2 (nominal 12V)
Antenna connector: BNC female
Dimensions: 30 x 70 x 140 mm
Weight: 220g (without batteries)
CE standards and 2 year warranty

List of frequencies and modes available on the ALAN42 DS:

I: Italy 40 CH AM / FM 1W (26.965-27.405)
I2: Italy 34 CH AM / FM 1W (26.875-27.265)
D: Germany 80 CH FM 1W / 12 CH AM 1W
D2: Germany 40 CH FM 1W / 12 CH AM 1W
EU: Europe 40 CH FM 1W / 40 CH AM 1W
  E: Spain 40 CH AM / FM 1W
F: France 40 CH FM 1W / 40 CH AM 1W
UK: 40 CH UK FM 4 Watt + 40 CH EU FM 1W

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  • Magnetic CB antenna 27 Mhz President New Virginia 49cm

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    90,83 €tax excl.

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  • Fixed CB antenna and balcony 27Mhz Sirio Thunder 27 96cm

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    104,17 €tax excl.

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  • Walkie-Talkie 27Mhz President RANDY-3 4W AM FM

    Walkie-talkie President RANDY-3, portable 40 channel AM and FM transceiver, approved for the 27Mhz cibi band.- Can be used without a licence- Frequencies: 27 Mhz- Power: 4W AM / FM- Antenna connector:

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    182,50 €tax excl.

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  • Portable CB walkie talkie PNI Escort HP 62 4W 12V AM-FM ASQ Dual Watch

    Similar to a walkie-talkie, the Escort HP 62 NIBP Station is user-friendly and practical because of its small size, measuring just 73 x 35 x 92 mm (excluding the mains adapter). You can easily install

    61,28 € tax incl.

    61,28 €tax excl.

    64,50 € -5%
    In stock


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