The pager GP2009N receives and displays alphanumeric messages and/or receives and announces voice messages. It vibrates and beeps or flashes to attract attention. Available in 2 versions for amateur radio: VHF and UHF.

The GP2009N pager makes it possible to send and receive POCSAG protocol messages.

Programmable directly from the pager or PC with USB programming cable (optional)
Frequency adjustable by PLL and quartz (4Mhz bandwidth in PLL)
Alert mode: sound, vibrator, LED, silent
4 or 8 line display, zoom mode
Language: French, English, German, Chinese

This model is tuned to DAPNET UHF frequency 439.9875 MHz or VHF 144.8625 MHz (select below).

Delivered with: 1 GP2009N (VHF or UHF), 1 belt clip + support, manual in English. USB programming cable not included (optional).

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    Specifications pager GP2009N

    Frequency range: VHF 142.8625 to 146.8625 Mhz, UHF 437.9875 to 441.9875 MHz
    Course Codes: 8
    Receiver Type: Synthesized or Crystal
    Baud rate: 512, 1200, 2400 bps
    Paging sensitivity: -110 dB to 512 bps
    -108DB @ 1200 bps
    -106DB @ 2400 bps
    Channel spacing: 25 KHz or 12.5 KHz
    Frequency deviation: +/- 4.5 KHz
    Frequency stability: +/- 10 PPM
    Selectivity:> 55dB
    Image Rejection:> 52dB
    Intermediation:> 50dB
    Alert tone: 75dB + @ 12 inch
    Display: 16 characters / line, 22 characters maximum
    Memory capacity: up to 3000 characters
    Posts: 19 max
    Weight: 68 g with battery
    Dimensions: 76 x 53 x 18 mm
    Battery type: LR6 AAA
    Low battery warning level: 1.1V
    Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 50 ° C

    Frequency POCSAG paging in Europe

    In the United Kingdom: 138 MHz and 466 MHz
    In France: Alphapage on 466.025 MHz - 466.05 MHz - 466.075 MHz - 466.175 MHz - 466.20625 MHz - 466.23125 MHz
    In Belgium: 169.625 MHz
    In Switzerland: 147.300 MHz - 147.325 MHz - 147.375 MHz - 147.400 MHz - 169.700 MHz

    Alphapoc 602R and GP2009N Manual Pager Programming

    pager alphapoc 602r gp2009n

    1. Turn on the pager

    2. Hold down the "Up" and "Play" buttons for about 3 seconds until the password is displayed

    3. The default password is 0000. Press the "Down" key to move right to the RIC (capcode) page.
    A: [ON] xxxxxxxx
    B: [OFF] xxxxxxx

    This is where you are informed of your RIC assigned by the network DAPNET (for radio amateurs), usually it will be your CCS7 ID in DMR but registration on Dapnet is requiered.

    4. Press the soft key to change [OFF] and [ON] to activate the RIC of the line.

    You can add up to 8 RICs to follow different channels of information.

    5. Press the key to change the characters, press the "Function" key to change the values.

    6. On the following page: BAUDRATE: 1200, POLARITY: NORMAL, FREQ: 439.9875.

    7. Press the key to save the changes.



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    POCSAG GP2009N Pager VHF or UHF for DAPNET

    POCSAG GP2009N Pager VHF or UHF for DAPNET

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    • Product: POCSAG GP2009N Pager VHF or UHF for DAPNET
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