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Portable antenna 3.5Mhz 7-30Mhz 50Mhz and 145Mhz HF-PRO-2 PlusT Komunica View larger



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Portable antenna 3.5Mhz 7-30Mhz 50Mhz and 145Mhz HF-PRO-2 PlusT Komunica

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Komunica HF-PRO-2 Plus T portable multiband antenna for 3.5Mhz (80m), 7 to 30Mhz, 6m (50Mhz) and 2m (145Mhz) frequencies and for use in portable, QRP or SOTA. Also compatible with 40Mhz and 70Mhz frequency bands.

Adjustable by sliding tube at the base and telescopic strand at the top, maximum length of the antenna: 2.7m for a total weight of 425g.

Compact, the antenna is suitable for SOTA and QRP activities with a Yaesu FT-818 or ICOM IC-705 transceiver for example.

Supplied with : Komunica HF-PRO2 Plus T antenna, with coil for the 3.5 Mhz band (80m).

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Komunica HF PRO 2 Plus-T antenna manual in French Source: F4HOF and F4EED 665.58k

Data sheet

SOTA QRP HFPRO2 Plus antenna specification

RX and TX frequencies: 3.5 Mhz (with coil) 7 to 30 + 50 MHz + 145 MHz VHF
Antenna type: Omnidirectional ¼ wave (HF band), ¼ wave (50 MHz) and 5/8 wave (145 MHz VHF)
Max power. 130 W (SSB)
Impedance: 50 Ω
Antenna length: 29 cm (disassembled) / from 262.5 cm to 270.5 cm (unfolded)
Weight: 425g
Connector: PL-259 (UHF Male)
Complementary coil for 80m band and 3.5 to 4 MHz
Telescopic stainless steel rod of 11 sections
Length folded: 24 cm and 218 cm unfolded
Material: FRP reinforced fiberglass

The use of an antenna coupler and counterpoise is recommended for best performance, but is not required.

This antenna is not designed for mobile use, nor for permanent fixed use.

The HF-PRO-2-PLUS-T is designed to operate on the amateur HF bands between 3.5 and 7-30 MHz as well as on 50 MHz and 145Mhz.

The antenna is adjusted by adjusting the length of the top and bottom elements of the coil. For operation on the 3.5 MHz band, installation of the additional coil (included) is necessary between the antenna body and the telescopic whip.

For operation on 50 MHz, the length of the telescopic whip element must be reduced to 131 cm.

For operation on 145 MHz, the coil and telescopic rod must be reduced to their minimum length (24 cm). The SWR in this band can be as low as 1.5:1.

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rating 5
Au top
Testé et approuvé en SOTA avec plan de masse home made (4x3m de câble 0.5 mm carré) sur une équerre , changement de bande rapide, très légère et télescopique. 1.2 de SWR au max.
rating 5
Tres bonne antenne

Cette antenne demande un peu de patience pour les réglages, mais une fois accordée, elle est excellente (Je travaille sans boite d'accord) pour un résultat proche de 1.2 sur toutes les bandes.
Je recommande…

rating 5
HF-Pro-2 Plus T Kommunika

Actuellement, je n'ai pas encore effectuer d'essais. Mais les beaux jours arrivent. L'antenne est bien arrivée, sans aucuns problèmes. En réception, elle est excellente, sur toutes les bandes.

rating 5
Belle antenne idéal pour le portable
rating 5
komunica HF-pro 2 Plus T

Bonjour Passion radio, Je vous écrit, pour vous remercier, j'ai recu l'antenne ci-dessus nommée, cet après midi, 1er novembre 22. Tout vas bien, c'est parfait et vous en remercie beaucoup. A bientôt, sur 10, 15 et 80m, ou depuis la Thailande, l'an prochain. Avec mes meilleurs 73's best QRO. HB3YKB/JN36BE Patrick (ou HS0ZJE)

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