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Automatic tuner mAT-30 MAT-TUNER for YAESU transceivers

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The mAT-30 is an automatic tuner for use with YAESU transceivers. It works with all YAESU transceivers that support a YAESU FC-30, FC-40 or FC-50 tuner.

Frequency range: 1.6MHz to 54MHz

Maximum power: 120 Watts

Appareils compatibles : FT-100,FT-857D,FT-897D,FT-450D,FT-891,FT-950,FT-991,FT-991A,FTDX-3000.

*ThemAT-30 does not support the FT-817/818. If you use them, you can choose the mAT-10 tuner, which is specially designed for QRP transceivers and fully supports FT-817/818 and other QRP devices.

Delivered with: 1 mAT-30 tuner and a 50cm 8-pin mini-DIN cable

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Data sheet

The mAT-30 connects via its CAT/LINEAR jack to control the tuning cycle, the Tune button on the transceiver controls the tuner. The CAT/LINEAR jack also powers the tuner, so no external power is required. Tuning is performed when the TUNE button on the front panel of the transceiver is pressed and held for one second.

It can tune dipoles, verticals, Yagis, or virtually any coaxial-fed antenna. It has 16,000 frequency memories. When you tune to a frequency that is already tuned or nearby, the mAT-30 uses the "Memory Tune" function to recall the previous tuning parameters.

The mAT-30's mAT-CY control cable provides control signals between the YAESU transceiver and the tuner. This cable has two 8-pin mini-DIN plugs. It can also be used by mAT-10 to connect the YAESU FT-817/818. Press and hold the [TUNER] button on the transceiver for two seconds to start the tuning process. Press [TUNER] quickly to bypass the tuner.

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