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WIRES-X interface for C4FM Fusion YAESU - HRI200 YAESU Radio fusion C4FM YAESU-HRI200-394 View larger
WIRES-X interface for C4FM Fusion YAESU - HRI200 YAESU Radio fusion C4FM YAESU-HRI200-394


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WIRES-X interface for C4FM Fusion YAESU - HRI200

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The HRI-200 module for C4FM and Yaesu Fusion system connects to the Internet a transceiver as FTM-400 or DR-1XE repeater enable WIRES-X service.

The connection between the HRI-200 and the computer is done with the supplied USB cable, no external power required, router configuration by UPnP, control upt o of 2 transceivers on 4 frequencies simultaneously.

Can be used with conventionnal analog Yaesu equipment, only in FM mode and controlled via DTMF.

Comes with: Module HRI-200 interface, Mini-DIN cable 10 pin (CT-174), Mini-DIN cable 6-pin (CT-175), WIRES-X software CD, manual (in English), 5 years Yaesu / Passion Radio warranty.

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WIRES Software

WIRES-X PC software (Ver.1.120) 3/11/16 15.92M

Firmware update

HRI-200 ver101 (ENG) 7.32M

Data sheet

WIRES-X fusion of Yaesu and C4FM

The WIRES-X system consists of a PC, an HRI-200 module, a transceiver to connect to the Internet and tamper digitally with better audio quality in digital.

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